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Anyone from around the merrylands parramatta area??


My name is Natasha.I live in Toongabbie which is not far from Parra and Merrylands.I used to live in Merrylands for 2 1/2 years.

Im due anyday now with first bubs.We cant wait until s/he is born.

If you'd like to catch up in a few weeks(after m bubs is born obviously) please email me [email protected]


Natasha, NSW, Joshua 04/06/06 Lucas 06/12/07

I live in Wentworthville but I just wanted to let you know about a playgroup that only started last week in Mays Hill. It is designed especially for babies under 2 and there are around 10 of us. If you'd like to join us, please email me at [email protected] and I'll give you all the details.
I hope this helps you.


Sam, NSW, Baby Kaya & Lara on the way

hi how are you am married with 3 chilren age 2;4 and 4 weeks old very busy mum we live in smithefeld area love to have a mother group and love the children to play with other children in the area hope to here from you lisa

I live in Northmead.. Not far from Parra / Merrylands!

Have a little 4 week old boy... name is Grace and I am pregnant for 38 weeks now,..and baby is due in 2 weeks time (30th of OCT)..very excited...I live in Granville...close to Parra and I would love to join with some mother's group and meet up with some mother that are interested to make new friends..

Please feel free to email me and we might be able to catch up...

[email protected]
hi ladies!
my name is nicole.. i have one 9month old son and currently 20weeks pregnant again..
i live in greystanes which is between merrylands and parramatta.
i would like to meet other mumms in the area for some adult conversation whilist partner is at work hehehe i would be interested in joining a mothers group.
if would like to catch up contact me on
msn [email protected]
email [email protected]

Hi all,
I've just moved to Greystanes... wonder how far you are coopermuom... my son is just over 8months.

We are from Brissie and I've been unpacking the house and going CRAZY! I need some adult contact as I know no-one in Sydney.

If there is a mothers group with smaller babies, or some of you would like to start one, I am VERY keen. I have no idea, maybe there is a playcentre or something that is close and we can meet?

my email is [email protected]


Hailey- Syd, DS1 Finn 10/02/07 & DS2 Kai 06/11/09


Hailey- Syd, DS1 Finn 10/02/07 & DS2 Kai 06/11/09

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