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Sydney-Siders, I need your help! Lock Rss

In January I am going to Sydney with my DH and DS. We are going to visit DH's family as his little sister has just had a baby. DH hasn't seen his family in about 10 years, so this is a petty big deal!

We really can't afford a big trip, but we are making the budget stretch for this and I really think it will be worth it.

So far I have the flights paid for, and that is as far as I have got. My MIL lives in Parramatta so I need to find somewhere suitable to stay in or near Parramatta ( MIL's place is too small) and I need to come up with things we can do during the day while family are all working. I have thought of going to the zoo but nearly died when I realised how much it would cost!

So doesanyone have any tips on places to stay that won't send me bankrupt, and also activities we can do that won't be too exxy?

Thanks in advance smile

Mummy to one big little man!!

Not sure about the accommodation, but Luna Park is free to get into and then you just buy tickets for the rides, not sure of the prices though. Go for a walk around the harbour, opera house etc, there's always things happening there. Centennial Park?? I've never been there, but have heard it's good. On Sundays, City Rail have a family fun Day. I think it's $2.50 for adults and kids above a certain age and that gets you onto all trains, buses and ferries all day. Have a look at the city rail website.
If I think of more, I'll come back.
not from sydney but have you checked out the best thing is, is that they have a map function so you can see what hotels are in a particular area etc it will also give you an idea of prices as they put up the normal price as well as the discounted price so worth a look

I just found this website of FREE THINGS TO DO IN SYDNEY
Will you have a car or will you be travelling by public transport?

There is Parramatta Park in the heart of Parramatta itself, never been there, but apparently it is a rather large and nice park. You also have Sydney Olympic Park, check their website as they may have free things going on seeing as it is school holidays at that time of year. Not sure how old you little one is, but when I worked for Sydney Olympic Park Authority they were always talking of the train that takes you through the Newington Armoury, apparenty the Blaxland Riverside Park is nice and also the walk around the Brick Pit Ring Walk (area was preserved for the Golden Bell Frogs). Just be careful as parking SOP is very expensive, you can get roadside parking but it is timed and again costs $$.

Ummmm, the only other things I can think of require a car as you would probably be taking several trains and buses.... yuk.

Is OVER rude people

Thanks for all the tips I will have a look into all of those.

My gorgeous MIL will be letting us use her car for the time we are there, so getting places won't be an issue (provided we don't get lost lol)

Mummy to one big little man!!

In north parramatta there is the travelodge hotel, that would be the cheapest out of all of them. As someone else said before parramamtta park, and sydney olympic park are nice to walk around and has things to do. Darling harbour is nice to walk around - it has the aquarium and wildlife world, the rocks has night/weekend markets, the opera house also has markets on the weekend, a day trip to manly to the corso and the strip is nice - get an icecream and walk around, paddle in the shallows of the beach, can also visit ocean world aquarium and see people swimming with the sharks.
If you can get acess to a car you can visit mogo zoo and jamberoo recreation park - south of sydney, a drive down to woollongong is nice and a walk around there - a trip north west of sydney to windsor is nice - markets on the weekend/historical buildings, nice picnic grounds.

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