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Young Mums-to-be???! Lock Rss

Hi everyone,

I'm 21 years old and due in Feb with my first baby.

Just looking for mums-to-be (or even mums) on Central Coast or Northern Beaches to chat with.

I don't have many friends and out of the ones I do have none of them have children or are even considering having them.. my bub was unplanned but will be very much loved and wanted. Also suffer from depression & anxiety so it's difficult for me to make friends unfortunately.. looking to get past that as motherhood will require major changes!

Thanks for listening grin
Hi how are you?

Im Danielle, I'm 19 and I live with my partner and son, Koby, who is 2 next month, in Avalon.

Where abouts do you live?
How far along are you?
Do you know the sex?

I'm the only one out of my friends that has a child, but I go to a mums group every Friday which is nice. I'm the youngest there, by about 7-8 years, but we all get along really well. I guess we all have that one thing in common - a child smile

What hospital are you having bub's at?

Sorry about all the questions.
Speak soon smile

Hey Danielle smile

I'm currently between Central Coast and Northern Beaches.. I come and go as I live up at Gosford yet spend a lot of time at my parents house on Northern Beaches and also DP does work around Mosman/Chatswood/etc.

Only 15 weeks now so wont know the sex til next month- should be exciting grin grin grin Really looking forward to finding out!

I'm going to the Sans (Sydney Adventist Hospital) though I've been told to check out Hornsby as they have a lot of younger mums..they dont do pethadine though (so I've been told) and I'm most likely to go for that and gas/air over an Epidural.... all so much to think about isn't there!
How funny! I live full time in Avalon but my mum lives in Ettalong and I spend every other weekend up there!
Do you know where you're going to be living once bub's born?

I know quite a few people who have had bubs at the Sans and have been very happy there. Not sure about the pethadine thing, I found it did absolutely nothing even in the very early stages of my labour.. everyone's different though. Gas really got me through the tough bits.

How has the morning sickness been?
Are you showing at all yet?
How did your family & friends react to the news??
How exciting! We're actually trying for number 2 at the moment. I can't wait to be pregnant again! Fingers crossed it happens soon smile

Hey Danielle,
Im showing a little. Not too much yet but jeans are definately not comfy!. Next week is scan so hope to find out babys gender.
I had all day sickness and its finally wearing off tho I still have the odd day.
Not sure where we will be come Christmas. Our lease runs out early December & not sure if I want to renew it. My parents have suggested coming to stay with them till baby arrives and then see where I want to be. They have plenty space and baby could have their own room.
We'll see.
My parents took it ok. They have concerns because of my depression etc. but being very suppportive n mums trying to not buy everything she sees already!

Hi there,
Just thought id introduce myself, im Amanda im 26 years old and i live in Bilgola with my partner, 2 year old son and 8 week old baby girl.
Would love to meet anyone in the area.
Like most ppl alot of my friends dont have kids so my liitle man gets bored cause he has no one to play with.
Would also be really nice for my man to meet other dads too.....

Hi! My name is Becky and I'm 24 years old. I just saw this thread and thought I would reply, I'm in same situation, I'm living in manly vale with my partner and four week old boy, William, although I have a few friends, none of them have children. I'm originally from England, iv only been here a year and a half so I don't know an awful lot of people!

My midwife suggested I go to the young mothers group in Dee why as my local group in balgowlah she said willbe full of people in their late thirties to fourties so I'm just looking for people me and my partner and William can meet up with that are closet to our own age!


was going through the posts and saw this one too and noticed a few of the other girls posted on here too from the other post smile

I know how you guys feel, i have a few friends but not ones you would call friends as I have just meet them... I wanted to join a young mums group as im pregnant with baby no2 due in Sept.

I just want to talk to other mums around the same age it can get abit lonley at times and you just need that girl talk smile
Hey girls,

Was just wondering if you'd arranged a time to all meet?

I'm 22 and expecting my first child in August. I live in Narrabeen and would desperately like to meet mothers in the area of the same age..

if so, would be great to get in contact directly - [email protected] ...

Look forward to hearing from you,
Hi girls!! i am 23 and my lovely son is 2 months old today =) Would love meeting you all some time soon! I don't visit this forum so add me at FB it's gonna be easier..)

Looking forward to hear from you all!! xx
hey all,

24 have a 4 yr old little man and 3 month old princess.. would love to organise something and get out the house!!!!

1st baby due start of sep

HI girls
if anyone is still keen to meet up... I'm 20, my son is 1 month and we live in Mosman smile
definitely willing to travel though, would love to have some girl talk grin
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