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hi, can anyone give me any info on getting a housing commission house in sydney. rent is sooo expensive atm. im a single mum with an 18 month old boy n im living by myself, renting a 1 bedroom apartment.
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Hey Steph, i've attached some links. My best advice would be to attend your local Housing office early in the morning (though on Wednesdays they are closed until 1pm I think) and speak with someone about going on a waiting list. There are big waiting lists in most areas but it is worth a try. Have you applied for rent assistance through centerlink? as this may also help you to secure something bigger for you and bubs. best of luck x
I did a paper on this for uni and found that the average wait for public housing is 2 years, unless you were to qualify for emergency housing which, for the most part, is only short-term.

Hopefully you'll be lucky though!
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