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Mothers Group Kings Langley? Lock Rss

I have a 7week old and would like to join a mothers group around the Kings Langley area and/or a walking group. I can only find playgroups on the net and I've heard these are more for toddlers. Does anyone know of one or know how to find out about them? Thanks!

I have a 10 week old boy and am also trying to find a mothers group, have you had any luck finding one yet? I would be happy to try and start one for our area, I'm next to Kings Langley in Seven Hills.
Hey! Haven't found one in the area yet. My antenatal class are starting one up through Playgroup NSW, but as most of them live more castle Hill way, I think it will likely be based in that area. I would like to also be able to go to one more locally and meet some mums in the local area, so def interested in one in our area. Would you be interested in one that meets up casually at each others homes or meets at a park or a more formal one run through PLaygroup NSW where you meet at a hall for example and I think pay a nominal membership fee?
Hi, I will be attending an under 1's playgroup on Wednesday next week in Winston Hills but I am happy to start a casual one where we meet at each others house, parks, coffee shops.
Hi, how did the winston hills one go? I found this one on Playgroup NSW site

Kings Langley Buddies
Morgan Powers Reserve Hall
Vardys Road
Phone 1: 0416 211 834

Have you heard anything about this one? I might call them up tomorrow for more info and let you know.
I wasn''t a huge fan of the WInston HIlls Playgroup, All the other bubs were 6 months plus so I felt a bit out of place, I had a better time going to a general age group one in Parramatta. How did you go calling the Kings Langley Buddies?
Kelly runs the Kings Langley Buddies, they cater for 0-5 year olds. She said the youngest they have currently is 6 months old but she is due to have her second child in June so then they willl be the youngest. They meet on Tuesdays so I plan to go along next week and see what it is like. There's also a new parents group at Quakers Hill - for new parents with babies aged 0-12 weeks. I went last week, and there were also some bubs aged up to 16 weeks there. I can give you details if you're interested. It was a grup of abuot 15 mums, with a community nurse as facilitator and a psychologust there as well, and just general discussion in a circle.
How was the Kings Langley group? Are you talking about the one at the Anglican church? I was told about it the other day so i went yesterday. I thought i would have had the oldest bub but so glad there were a few older then me.
Also i have found a group of mums in our area from Glenwood, Winston Hills, Blacktown etc and they have created a facebook group. If you want to join in email me [email protected] we all met up yesterday.
No this one was was at Morgan Powers Reserve on Vardys Road. My little boy was def the youngest - the others were 13 months+ but didn't matter too much, was still good to get out and socialise and most of the mums were really nice. Haven't heard bout the one at the church. OK thanks, will send you an email re thr group.
Did anyone find something near kings Langley? My boy is 14 weeks old. What is the details of the Quakers hill one?

the quakers hill one is at the anglican church behind aldi - morrel cres/samuel place. The leaflet i have says its for first time parents with bubs up to 12 weeks but theres a few older ones too. I'm going to hit the walking path near the cricket oval on whitby road kings langley tomorrow morning (wed) ..welcome to join if you feel like a casual walk..just let me know and we can work out a meeting place.
Sure that sounds good what time? I usually go to baby bounce at rouse hill library on Wednesday mornings but they have them on Thursdays too so will change days smile
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