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Hi I have a two month old and would anyone know of any mother's groups in the Windsor/Richmond area that I could join? Thanks
Depending on which hospital you went to, did you get given any flyer for a meeting group for the first 12 weeks of first baby? I know Westmead/ Norwest/ blacktown used to meet at glenwood community centre. After 12 weeks you are expected to form your own group.
Yes thanks I did get one
Yes thanks I did get one

The community health nurse told me of a walking group in the area, as well as a group that meets at the community health centre in Windsor. I haven't been to either of these but you could ring the health centre to find out. I am in this area also, let me know how you go.
Hi thanks I rang a couple of weeks ago and registered for the Wednesday walking group opposite the Raaf base just waiting to hear back and I will let you know how I go.
That's the one. I thought it sounded ok myself, just haven't got there. smile My boy is 11 weeks, and I am in that area, so willing to meet up at some stage too if you wish. I haven't joined a mothers group so it would be nice to meet up with someone local with a similar aged baby.
Cool it's on tomorrow so II'm going to try and go to check it out and yes it would be nice to meet up
How did the walking group go today?
Hi I went to the group at the hospital today it was pretty good lots of other mothers to talk to
Happy to hear that you had a good time at the mothers group
You can also take your baby if they are more than 12 weeks old
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