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single mum a week a go:(( Lock Rss

Hi I am a mum of 2 girls been through betrayal and separated a week ago,my husband was my life so I have no friends hope can make new friends and create social life for my daughters.
Hey that's sad Hun just remember ur kids are ur life no matter what smile
ive been there, over a yr ago now, but things will get better. try to make some time for yourself to go out and have fun and meet new people.
Remember to look after yourself and those girls. You are strong and you will get through this. Take one day at a time and accept help from those that offer it.
I've been there. Rebuilt my life starting from no family, no friends and no money. How to make new friends is to start a sport, hobby or activity. Treat yourself to girls nights out every now and then. Get your hair cut or a new dress. Start a business. Learn to sing or sign up for a course. Put yourself out there. You are so much more than a wife. Join in activities you always wanted to do but couldn't because of your husband. Your ex is gone. Enjoy your time you have as a single mum. Single and ready to mingle! That's my attempt to cheer you up.
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