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Mothers group in Fairfield area Lock Rss

Does anyone know whether there are any mother's groups in the Fairfield area?

As I have not been to a mothers group before, can anyone advise whether it is worth taking up the time to go to one ?

Declan's Mum
Hi Declans Mum
I am joining a Mothers Group which actually starts tommorrow ! I am really looking forward to meeting other new mums with their bubs of the same age as mine. I think its a good opportunity to get out of the house as well . I have heard lots of mothers recommend it..

R u with a clinic ?? Because they normally organise them.

I know once you start you get to meet up for example once a fortnight and do activities like go to the babies in arms movies, shops etc.
I know mothers that have continued on being friends until their babies have started school !

Definately is worth while. I suggest you look up yellow pages under "Early Child Centre Clinics" there is quite a few around and for sure there would be one in Fairfield.

Good Luck !

8 month old

Hi Declan's Mum,

Whereabouts in Fairfield are you? I live in Fairfield Heights.

Would love to chat some time ... drop me a message at if you like

Jubs_n_Tia, 24, NSW, boy 06/11/99 + girl 15/05/02

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