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Looking for mums in Penrith/Glenmore Park area Lock Rss

Hi there, my name is Janelle and I have 2 beautiful children, little boy who is 3yrs and a daughter 8mths. I would love to chat to anyone who lives around the Penrith area or anywhere in the western suburbs. Maybe we could take the kids to the park or meet up for a cuppa! Anyone who wants to chat can email me at and add me to your msn messenger.

Hope to be chatting soon!

nelly 3yo boy & 8mth girl

My name is Jess and i have a 11mth old girl and we live in the Penrith area. I go to a mothers group weekly which i found out about online its called Nepean Area Mothers Meeting there is a website but its for members only, if you want more info email me at Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Jessica, mum to baby Bonnie, NSW

hey guys
i had my premmie daughter at nepean hospital.
im from wollongong

karen,NSW, mummy to Caitlin Born 14 weeks early

Hi kaz_april,

Hows your daughter going? do you live in penrith or did you just have your baby here? I also had my baby at nepean hospital but that was almost a year ago (bonnie is 11months) time goes so fast when your a busy mum... I am wondering how my baby grew up so fast....cherish the time you have with your baby because they arn't babies for long!!!


Jessica, mum to baby Bonnie, NSW

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