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Are there other Kiwi Mums living here that really really miss their own Mums???? I now appreciate my mum so much more now that I have my own little bubby. I have lived here for 2 1/2 years and since I have had my little boy have got really homesick for NZ and my family and friends. Do others feel the same?

Suz, NSW

Hi Susan

I know exactly how you feel I have lived in Oz for ten years now but since having my 2 boys have got very home sick and keep dropping massive to hints to hubby but I think he is being selective in the hearing department all I keep hearing is it's too cold the wuss!
Are you planning on taking your little guy back for a visit soon??

Look forward to chatting soon.

Kerry 2 boys 03/06/02 + 01/07/04

Kerry Mum to 2 little DS ratbags

Hi Kerry,

Not sure when we will be getting back to NZ, hopefully some time this year. We went over in November for a couple of weeks (for a wedding) - me and bubs, which was good - stayed with my Mum and visited friends and stuff. My hubby wants to go back and visit his family next time - they are in the South Island (mine are North)...
10 years is a long time. Did you plan on being here that long? Was it a permanent thing? Is your husband an Aussie? So many questions! Sorry!!!
I lived in the US and in London for 3 years and wasnt homesick then, but this seems more permanent I guess... Though we are planning on moving back in the next 5 years????
Whereabouts in NZ are you from and are you planning on going back for a visit this year? Does your older boy have an aussie accent? I was wondering when my bub starts speaking is he going to have an aussie accent - maybe when they are older and at school they will pick it up more...
Look forward to hearing from you smile

Suz, NSW

Hi Susan

I didn't plan on being in Oz this long just happened I guess and yes hubby is an Aussie.

My dad was in the Air Force so we moved around alot but I suppose now would call Wellington home. How about you??

Am hoping to go home later this year and catch up with Dad and my friends. Can't wait. Not to mention the list of things "I must eat!!" I take a list every time and try to work my way through it ie decent fish and chips.

Yes Corey does have an Aussie accent and if he doesn't know your name then you are "Mate".

So where in Sydney do you live? I am on the Northern Beaches.

What is your little one's name??

Kerry Mum to 2 little DS ratbags

Hi Kerry

I'm origionally from Matamata but left there as soon as, moved to Hamilton, then Auckland. My Mum is in Cambridge so I probably call that home.

I miss lots of foods as well. I miss my local fish and chip shop and my kebab shop, and having a dairy on the corner. I also miss spirilina yoghurt which you cant seem to get here and I used to have it every day for breakfast! And fejoas. Though occassionally you can find them, and i actually found a fejoa tree - though they tell me it takes 5 years to produce fruit - 4 years to go!!!
And dip made out of onion soup!!! Anyway, could go on forever!

I live in Kellyville, in the Hills District.

My bub is Brayden. He is sleeping smile He lost his ability to sleep this year (his daddy was away for a month with the RAAF so I think that mucked him up, plus his first teeth) but for the last few days he is back to sleeping well so we are VERY happy about that and he is much happier as well.

I cant wait til he starts talking - even if he does have an aussie accent. Will be very cool.

Better go do some housework sad Look forward to hearing from you again.

Suz, NSW

Hi Suze

So is hubby in the RAAF??

My bub's name is Hayden so how's that for coincidence . He was a lousy sleeper to start with but settled down at about 3 months. But he was still a vast improvement on his older brother who was well past one before he would sleep properly!!

Let me know when the Fejoa tree gives you fruit I AM THERE!!!!!!! I get onion soup sent over by my dad from time to time and then my sister comes up from Melbourne and we have a massive big out on it as you do .........

Isn't teething great Hayden got his first two and 3 1/2 months which was not very nice and it looks like 4 & 1/2 mths later there is two at the top just about to break through and he is miserable but luckily still sleeping ok at night.

Suppose had better go and do some work and talk to you soon.

Kerry Mum to 2 little DS ratbags

Hi Kerry,

Yeah he is in the RAAF. He was in the RNZAF but the RAAF was keen to get some experienced people from NZ so a few of them applied and here we are. Makes like interesting - I am like a single Mum half the time... He is off to the US soon for a couple of weeks.

I cant wait for the fejoa's! The last few times we have gone home it has been the wrong time of year... sad

So what made Corey sleep well at 1 year? Did something change or did he just get it? My problem is when I wake up it takes me forever to go back to sleep - probably where Brayden gets it from I guess... We went to Tresillian with him at 5 months cos he was a nightmare sleeper.

So whats it like having 2? I want another one, but it is hard to get things done with 1, so dont know how I'd go with a newborn as well....and no sleep!

Well, we are getting our carpets cleaned soon so i must remove all the millions of toys scattered about the place....

Suz, NSW

So do you still get posted every two odd years that's what I remember most about growing up with Dad being in the Air Force.

Yes I always time the fejoa's wrong too and last time got right at the beginning of the season when they aren't really ripe and you do that I just sucked a lemon look on your face.

With Corey I think he just finally worked out what sleeping was all about plus we moved him out of his cot .... weird kid but up until then day sleeps were no more than 40 mins at a time and night time can't actually remember all night through with out having to go in once.

It is defiantley more interesting when you have 2 that's for sure and Hayden is just started pulling up on the furniture and getting very cranky when his big brother walks away from him just as he has got to the same level!! I personally now wish we had a slightly big gap between the two of them there is 25 mths between them I think if Corey had been closer to 3 and out of nappies and a bit more sensible then things may have been easier .... but that is all just wishful thinking on my part and we do cope, I don't have a foggy clue how these people do that only have 12mths or less between theirs.

Kerry Mum to 2 little DS ratbags

He doesnt move about that much. He was in the RNZAF for 17 years, at Whenuapai most recently for 7 or so with the Hercs, then at Joint Headquarters for his final year in Wellington. He was posted to Wellington shortly after we started going out, I stayed in Auckland and he came up most weekends. We should be staying here until we decide to go back to NZ, though he does need to take a ground job in the next year or so but it will probably be at Richmond as well, though there is one coming up at Nowra that he is keen on.

Brayden was like that with the 40 minute day sleeps, he is better now though. Nights I have been getting up a couple of times the last few nights, but the few nights before that he didnt make a sound all night...

A couple of the girls in my playgroup with bubs the same age as mine are pregnant again... I am scared I will get another non-sleeper and Brayden wakes up if you walk past his room, so dunno what he'd do with someone screaming in the next room!!!

But I guess it's nice as they get older to have someone to play with... Actually a friend of mine with a 10 month old has a 7 year old as well, and he's a great babysitter... That would be a handy age gap, cos they really want to help you! I am too old for that though!!

Suz, NSW

Oh that's lucky you don't have to move much. Dad was based at Hobsonville when I was growing up but we lived in Henderson.

A friend of mine had her son when she was 18 and then fell pregnant 11 years later by mistake again but she does rave about Damien being such a good baby sitter.

I had a line that if Hayden turned out to be as lousy a sleeper as Corey I was leaving home!!!!!!

Kerry Mum to 2 little DS ratbags

I understand the leaving home idea!!! Someone was telling me yesterday at playgroup that if your first is a lousy sleeper, then your 2nd will be great... Dunno if they were trying to talk me into having no 2 or what!

Yeah, I would hate moving too often. You'd just get settled in a place then you'd be off again. Would be even harder with kids and schools and stuff.

We lived in defence housing at Hobsonville for 3 months after selling my house before moving here.... Interesting houses smile Hard to keep clean and warm - very old.

So are you thinking of having a 3rd? Or is 2 a good number? I think 2 will be it for me if we do get that far... I cant imagine like my grandparents having like 13 and 14 brothers and sisters! Imagine having that many kids - youd be pregnant for a decade! And the chaos! Scarey.

Have a good weekend.

Suz, NSW

Well I had the lousy one to start with so must admit Hayden was better but still never had one of these "oh my baby slept through the night from 3 weeks" Nut it really wasn't going to take much to beat Corey.

The houses at Hobsonville probably haven't changed since we lived in them 20 odd years ago before Mum and Dad brought the house in Henderson I just really remember the ANTS.

No way to having another Hubby has an appointment in the next week or so to make sure!! Yeah I don't know how they use to do it my mum was the oldest of six and her mum was the oldest of six. No thank you.

So is your mum going to come over and see you?? and you can tell me to butt out if it is none of my business but you never mention your dad??

My mum actually passed away (not expecting it!!) when Corey was 8 weeks old and the really @##thing about it was we were actually booked to go the following month and introduce him to mum and dad. Actually the rest of that year was horrid because Mum's mum actually died exactly one month to the day after mum but didn't get back for that funeral was just to soon after mum's and Corey would have only been 3 months that time. So that was July, August and then in November I ended up having my Gall bladder removed after a couple of serious attacks. Never knew I had even had gall stones!!

So as you can imagine I was very nervous around the time Hayden was born and what was going to go wrong this time!!!!! But yippee nothing did!!

So on that happy note have a good weekend. Not sure if you have worked it out but I actually send these from work as don't have a computer at home.

So chat next week.

Kerry Mum to 2 little DS ratbags

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