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Hi, Anyone live in the hills district in sydney who wants to chat / meet etc?
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Hi Mum to Sam

We are thinking of moving to the Hills District. Which part are you from ? I assume you have a little "Sam" old ?

I have a very active 7 month old. He is crawling around everywhere now, which is keeping me on my toes.

Look forward in hearing from you.


8 month old

Hi Mel,

Sam is 6mths old so pretty much the same age. Sams starting to experiement with the whole mobility thing but its pushing himself around discretely on his back. Very odd. One minute hes where I left him and without me noticing, the next hes a metre away.

We live in Castle Hill. When are you moving? Do you know where too yet?
Hi mumtosam,
I live in cherrybrook, I have a nearly 3 yr old girl and 3 month well really 5 month old twin boys they were 2 months earky hence the 3-5 month, anyway would love to chat meet etc.

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

Fantastic! My name is Anna by the way, I noticed I hadn't mentioned that.

My email is [email protected] Flick me an email and we'll get better aquainted.

Twins huh? That must be a bit of a handful....
Hi Mum to Sam

No not sure yet the exact area


8 month old

mel n jay, well, hopefully we'll see you soon. Where are you now?
We live in Epping (renting at the moment)

8 month old

Epping, thats not far at all. There are a lot of houses on the market at the moment in C.Hill. No idea why, I guess the townhouses going up and the increased traffic is putting some people off and they are moving out of the area. Who knows.

Janelle, are you around? It would be nice to chat when you get the time.
Hi Mum to Sam

How do u find the area ?

Yes Epping is not that far away..however so expensive in comparison

8 month old

It has its good and bad points. I like that its close to a good doctors surgery thats open all sorts of weird hours, great obstetrician (when needed), a new library and a decent early childhood centre Its got good childcare facilities I hear and good playgroup type things. It has a nice park, its close to a large shopping mall, the bus route isn't too bad if you need to use it and its not far off the M2 for travel to the city, it has the hills hospital in the middle and the ambulance station not far from that.

On the downside, there are a lot of townhouses going up, the crime rate is increasing, the traffic has increased dramataically from when we lived here 3 years ago, rush hour is horrendous, its is near impossible to find a park at castle towers sometimes (especially around Xmas) the infrastruture hasn't been upgraded to cope so they are forecasting major blackouts in the next few years if this isn't done. Also, the value of houses has stopped rising for the moment due to the over-supply of townhouses.

I guess its just a growing part of Sydney. We are in a fairly quiet street though so we barely notice all of this. We like it here and think its a great place to start a family because its so family orientated and everything is so central.

Epping is hugely expensive from what Ive seen. I love that its so close to the train though and The Thai Place used to be our favourite restaurant.


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