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My boys are fed around 10.30 so maybe I could feed them first at home then meet up.Otherwise I will be just sitting there feeding the whole time especially with two.

Flower Power is on , now let me get this right, I think it is Old northern Rd the one that goes to dural past Oakhill Collage Glenhaven ,etc.Its on the right hand side heading toward Dural is that not to far from you????
I thought we could spoil our selves with morning tea or lunch, why not we deserve it.
Does Tuesday suit I can't remember if I wrote what day,

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

Sounds good. What time do you think you'd be there?
Hi Anna,
There is another lady Jo who might join us as well.
I could get there around 10.30 if we need too.
Culd you just email me with your mobile phone number so I can confirm on Tues morning, I will check here until then to see if anyone else is interested.
Should be nice to catch up
Have a look at the Castl Hill area post Jo has offered we could go to her house maybe as well one day.

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

oh yeah, I invited Jo today over email too.... I will email ph and perhaps talk to you over the weekend or something. we can work around you. sounds like you have more feeding "complications" than i do.....sams on my knee looking mighty interested in the keyboard so must be off again.
i know i missed this meet but could we meet another time im free on tuesdays or wednesday so would love to meet you all let me know

tina,n.s.w mum to 2 boys

Hello Janelleeeee. Are you there? Check your email.

Hi TL, no problem. Would love to meet you. Hoping to arrange something in the next couple of weeks.
hi mumtosam,
i live in west pennant hills and am a mother of 4 and expecting another in august would love to meet more mothers around this area .
email is (this is the right way around)

5 kids now

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