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Huggies - Meeting in Penrith park or Mcdonalds Lock Rss

Hey janelle you are more than welcome i will email you my telephon number tomorow in the afternoon
hope to see you there and then


Manuela,NSW baby girl borne on the 8.jan 2005

hi ladies iam coming look forward to meeting u all do i bring my lunch hehe..


Hope every one will be coming tomorrow u can bring your lunch or buy something on the way whatever you want.

A few suggestions:
Hat and sunglasses for kids,
A lot of water to drink if its a hot day,
Something to keep the little ones amused.

Hopefully there will be kids of all ages so everyone can make new friends and have a good time.

I have decided to make a site I am calling it mums and bubs i will be taking my digital camera tomorrow to get heaps of pics of all of us for the website.
What do u think about the site: it will be good to see all the kids grow and hopefully our group aswell week by week.

I will also put a spot on the site for suggestions about places we could meet and stuff.
Any way we can discuss this a bit more at the river tomorrow.



Hi Guys,
I was hoping to make it there tomorrow but completely forgot about my playgroup I have for my daughter, (pregnancy brain) although not pregnant.

It seems like a lot of you are from around that area abyway which would be good for you all to get togeather.
I live about an hour or so from there so won't probably get there till after 1.30pm.
Anyway hope you all have a great day, and lots of new friendships made.

Sydney,twin boys 22/10/04+girl 26/03/02

Sorry guys i cant make it either, hubby had to use my car. have a great day.

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

anyone online whos going to the river?


hi we met at the river at 12 o'clock and left around 3 we are meeting next wednesday at the kidz fun factory if u r interested



How did the river go? Did everyone enjoy themselves? I might come next week can u email me proud mum of 2.


Jessica, mum to baby Bonnie, NSW


yes it went well i for my part enjoed it a lott( i know i talk a lott if i get the chance) SO I HOPE I DID NOT TALKE ANY OFF YOU AWAY.
and as Proud mum of 2 was saying we are meeting aigen next email us
more info will be posted soon


Manuela,NSW baby girl borne on the 8.jan 2005

Hi mitti its lee u need to update your signature it still says 2 week old


hey lee thanks never noticed it !!

thank you

how was your work??

Manuela,NSW baby girl borne on the 8.jan 2005

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