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Any mums like to meet up? Rss

Hi im 22 years old and am looking to meetup with other mums i live in sydney on the northern beaches and have a 2.5yr old lil girl and have been with her dad 6 years.
I like going on outing with my lil one and going to the park and local play center!
hope to chat to some of you soon and maybe even meet some of you!

p.s if we dont live close but u like liek to meet other mums just email me and i will give u the link to my msn mothers group!

~*~Mummy To Princess Chloe & Charlotte~*~

hi my name is Jody and I am 26 years old with a two year old boy and a 6 mnth old girl.I have recently moved to Sydney and it is all new for me!My partner is in the army so we moved here to be with him.My two year old has left the friends he knew back home and is yet to make some new ones.I would love to talk to and maybe meet some other mums.My son is desperately seeking playmates and would love to play with friends around his age.

Jodster,NT,5yr old Boy,3yr old Girl,1yr old Boy

Hi Jody, thanks for replying to my message!
Where abouts in sydney are you?
We are in the northern beaches, we live near Dee Why (but im in wheeler Heights) we live quite close to parks and the local play center at our local mini shops, which my daughter loves to go to as a treat!
Moving away from friends must be really hard, and im happy to be here for you to make the transition a little easier for you and your son and daughter.
Hope to hear back from you, take care

~*~Mummy To Princess Chloe & Charlotte~*~

Hi Jasmine
I am in Wattle Grove.I havent heard of your suburb lol.
Yes it was very hard to move away from my friends and family.
How many children do you have and what age are they if you dont mind me asking?
Do you have msn?

Jodster,NT,5yr old Boy,3yr old Girl,1yr old Boy

Hey Jody, im not really sure where wattle grove is either hmmmm lol
I have one little girl and her name is chloe and she is 2.5yrs
yup my email is
so feel free to add me and we can have a chat anytime!

~*~Mummy To Princess Chloe & Charlotte~*~

wattle grove is near liverpool,moorebank.holsworthy have you heard of any of that is a gorgeous name?i added you to my msn so i will hopefully get to know you more soon!!

Jodster,NT,5yr old Boy,3yr old Girl,1yr old Boy

yeah a shame thats not close to me but it dont stop us from being internet buddies lol
i just signed into msn cant wait to get chatting to you!

~*~Mummy To Princess Chloe & Charlotte~*~

oh my goodnes im so dumb! my email is

my god do i feel stupid LOL

~*~Mummy To Princess Chloe & Charlotte~*~

Yes we are meeting next tuesday 5th April at 12 o'clock

It is in minchinbury on eddie road.
it runs of the great western highway.

u can look it up on

or u can contact me at and i can direct u to it

so for everyone interested please ccontact us

cheers mitti
(i picht that post from leanne

Manuela,NSW baby girl borne on the 8.jan 2005

Hi mitti where are u, we are meeting at kidz club tomorrow at minchinbury at 11.30 can u make it ???????????????????????????????????????????????


hieveryone just added u to my msn, hope t o chat soon
from jackie is my msn
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