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holidays ideas for 2 yr olds? Lock Rss

We need a holiday but arnt sure where to go we have a 2 yr old daughter
Any ideas??


Amanda NSW 19mth Baby

We just got back from holidays, we went to coffs harbour for our DDs 2nd bday. We had a great time and so did eliza. We only went for 4 days

There was a fair that opened every night (probably closed now school holidays are over)

Pet Porpoise pool (was great check out there site)

Butterfly house

Big Banana (not much to see but its a must if you are there)

Miniature dutch village (in the clog barn)

BEACHES they have proper surf beaches but around the jetty is more like a bay, good for the little ones.

I also hear hamilton is. (or one of the ones near there) is very family oriented. Have fun!!!!!!!

Leanne, Eliza Jade 17/1/05

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