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Moving to Sydney in November Lock Rss

We are moving to Sydney in November. My hubby will be working in Lidcombe, not sure where I'll be working yet Can anyone give me any tips on good suburbs to live in? Keep in mind we are used to the slow and steady pace of Darwin! And what's the deal with Family Day Care places in Sydney? I've heard it's hard to get child care in Sydney? I've got Sam with FDC 3 days a week now and really like it better than the idea of a big child care centre. Any thoughts?
Hi Caroline!

What a move! You must be excited! Lidcombe i would say is definately not what i'd call slow and steady! Its right smack in the suburbs! You could look at the outskirts of Sydney, if your hubby doesnt mind commuting. We live in a rural area, just on the outskirts but only about 50km to syd CBD straight up the hume hwy. Depending on renting or buying, houses are quite expensive in Syd too, definately more than Darwins prices i would assume. Renting you are looking at $350 - $450 a week for a 3/4 bedroom in the suburbs. We pay $280 here, 3 bedroom, rumpus, granny flat on acerage, so if your willing to commute, its better to be on the outskirts i reckon. None of that hustle bustle either. Some of the other mums could give you a better idea if you wanted to live in the suburbs, good luck anyway and welcome to Sydney!!

The Deeks 07/08/02, Googie 23/11/04

Hi I actually grew up in Berala, which is the next suburb over from Lidcombe. Although it is in the middle of suburbia, it's a little bit quieter then Lidcombe is.
It's not somewhere I'd like to live again. A little too hectic and way to many people for my likeing. My parents still live there and seem happy enough.
But like you I prefer something a little slower in pace. I moved out to Richmond just over 10 years ago which is roughly a 45 minute drive from Lidcombe. It's more of a rural are with little pockets of suburbia, which are easy to deal with.
If I think of anywhere which might sound like the sort of thing your looking for I'll let you know.
It's probably best to see where you'll be working so you can take that into consideration.
Hope I've helped.
I live in Bass Hill, which is about 15 mins from Lidcombe. And i definately would not recommend living in Lidcombe.
As for good suburbs to live in it depends on what your willing to pay per week.
And day cares there are alot to choose from but of course there are the waiting list that can take up to 2 years. But that also depends on the amount of days required and the age of the child.

Nikki 22,Syd, mum to Jordi 09/02

HI Mum of Sam

Not sure if you are still following this post but thought I would put my two cents worth in...

I live in a (relatively) new suburb called Newington which is about 5-10 minutes drive from Lidcombe. Newington is a fabulous area to live - very new, lots of young families, lots of parks and walking trails. If you are interested, there is a website on the internet with more information. Here is the address:

I am not sure if you are interested in renting or buying but the rental properties here are fantastic value for money (well, for Sydney anyway). You can get a new 3 bedroom home for $450p/w. Or there are quite a few spacious apartments for cheaper. If you are buying, I think you are probably looking from $590,000 for a 3 bedroom (prices have gone down a little) and less for apartments. here is the address for the local real estate for more information:

There is also a shopping centre here, medical centre and child care.

If your husband works in Lidcombe there is a bus every 20 minutes from Newington.

Anyway, it's something to think about. Hope this may have helped you a little.

if you want more info, please feel free to ask!


Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home

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