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hi everyone...

me and my partner are moving up to the central coast in oct/nov and we are planning on having another child. but i think there is supposed to be a few hospitals there so i wanted to know which one you think is best..i had our daughter at wollongong hospital the birthing unit was great but the ward was terrible.. the nurses were so rude to everyone! i dont want to get stuck in that again..if you could please let me know..that would be awesome..thanks..

renee 23, rod 25, DD 5/9/04, DS 22/7/07

Hi Renee,

I grew up on the Central Coast (Gosford). My son was born in Kanwal Hospital (Wyong) 6 yrs ago. And my best friend was transferred there after she'd given birth in Gosford Hospital 2 years ago.

My experience in Wyong Hospital was great, and my best friend also told me the staff there were great too.

She wasn't too impressed with Gosford Hospital, but many other mum's i know that had their children there were happy enough.

I guess it just depends on personal experience...

Not everyone is going to have the same experience.

Where abouts on the coast are you moving to?

Both the hospitals i mentioned were public hospitals, i've heard great things about North Gosford Private Hospital as well.

Anyways, hope you find a good hospital.

You're welcome to email me any time if have any other questions about the coast, as i lived there for about 20years, and still visit the coast quite regularly to see relatives.

[email protected]

Take Care

kylie xo

Kylie ~ DS 7yrs, DD 4th Oct 05, DD 18th Sept 06


I had my 5 month old son Elijah at Gosford Hospital, i am a 1st time mum and the midwifes and nurses were just so lovely and helpful and they always came in to see how i was. If i ever have another baby i will go there, they were all so nice

Pip, N.S.W, Baby Elijah 5 months and counting

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