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looking for penpals Lock Rss

hi im mandy i have 2 boys and love writting to other mothers
mandy west 15/11-13 cambridge st penshurst nsw 2222
hope to get some mail soon : )
Hi Mandy

My name is Lisa i have 2 boys aswell you can write to me at

Lisa Johnston
3 Hooley Street
Parkes NSW 2870

I will write you a letter tonight.



Lisa, NSW, 7yr&5yr and 2month old boys

hi im also a young mother just wanted to know do you want to chat like this or via dont have to if u dont want and also just wondering how young you are.see ya!
I'm a young mum also (21) and I would love to chat to some people my own age.
my email is [email protected]

Courtney QLD

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