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Looking for friends in Grafton Lock Rss

We located to Grafton for employment reason and I just really need someone that i can talk with and do all the girly things with. My daughter is 5 months old and my partner works 6 days a week so it just leaves me at home all the time. Would love to chat.

hi!! i am from grafton, but now live in armidale, only go back there once a month or so, but i can tell you there are HEAPS of mummys in grafton, so first of all, dont worry. secondly, you're probs gonna find them all at shopping world (cos lets face it, theres not many other places to be found!) but if you dont want to just walk up to people, i suggest going to that little bubs health clinic thing that is on the corner of market sqaure (well used to be) cos there was always advertisements for playdates and all sorts of usefull stuff in there. but if there is one town you'll have plenty of mummies to make friends with, its grafton. good luck!!
Its very ironic that you lived in Grafton and now live in Armidale. Cause we lived in Armidale and now live in Grafton. There are always heaps of mums in town but just going up and talking to them i seem difficult to do. I take Ashleigh to the Baby centre but havnt actually looked up on the notice boards before. Im going back this week so ill have to have a look. I go to a mums group at the moment but i find that the mums are a lot older than me and i feel a little left out. Its difficult when im only 21, which is too old for the young mums group and then very young in a mums group. Lets just see what happens. Hopefully all goes well.

there are so many young mums its not funny! but yeah people can be hard to meet...i've been here a year and a half and still dont really know any other young mums (im 22) well enough to call a friend. but there are so many in grafton you wont have a problem, as you said, its just meeting them!
by the way, look on page 2 of the blogs i think theres a grafton one there!!
hi there,

it's very unfortunate because i was living in grafton for 4 years and have only just moved for employment purposes to maryborough in qld myself. we still head down there every 2 weeks because we own our house down there and are getting it ready for renting. im 22 with 3 girls under 3. anyway yes there are heaps of playgroups in grafton and mothers groups. the baby health clinic is a good place to start if there are no flyers up on the noticce board just ask one of the nurses about where you can find them. otherwise look in the phone book for "clarence valley community programes inc" and they have mothers groups and young mothers groups ect.

how do you like grafton?

take care and best of luck.


p.s. im kind of hoping this job doesnt work out for too long so we can go back there, lol, but at the same time i hope it does work for dh's sake as he loves the area and the job. i just miss my family and friends.
well things arent working up here so we are heading back to grafton, yay! i really miss my house and family. i cant wait to be back there. just wanted to pop in and post this.
Its been a while since i have looked at this post. Its not good to hear that it didnt work out up there. When are you expecting to be back in garfton? Congrats on your pregnancy

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