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does anyone have msn messenger? Lock Rss

Hi,My names Melissa.I am 22 and have an 8 and a 1/2 month old son...
Hi Melissa
My name is Melissa smile I'm 25 & have a 10 month old son Daniel. My email & msn is [email protected]
Hope to hear from you

Mel & 2 boys Daniel 20/5/03 & Jesse 9/3/07

hi my names bec. i'm 23 and have 3 boys aged from 3 months to 3 years my msn and email is [email protected] hope to hear from you.

bec NSW mum of 3

Hi Melissa
Im cassie, i'm 21 and have 2 beautiful children a 3yr old boy and a 5 month old gil. My msn is [email protected] and i would love to chat.

Cassie,NSW, Blair 27/9/01, Mackenzie 19/5/04

I have msn love to chat anytime
[email protected]

chat soon

Jenny,Sydney, my son is 11.5 months

hi my name is jade and i would love to chat to other mothers on msn
my email is
[email protected]
i am a 20 yr first time mother

Jade(Ryleigh 24/07/2004)

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