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just introducing my family Lock Rss

hi i am a stay at home mum of two beautiful children named maddison and dustin. they are aged 3 years and 1 year. i enjoy staying home with my children and would not swap it for the world.My fiancee works on a property in nsw and we love the fact that our children are able to grow up surrounded by the wonderful beauty of the australian bush. Maddison has been attending the local pre-school aand seems to love the place. It's amazing how i was so worried that she would miss being with me that first day but instead all i got was a "bye mum", quick kiss and she was off. any one else have that happen? Well i must go feel free to write back.
Hi, I'm Lisa. I have a fabulous husband and a 6 month old baby boy Samuel. I have been on maternity leave for 9 months now and I think my brain has gone to mush. I am going back to work in about 3 weeks. I work in childcare so I am lucky enough to take Sam to work with me. My husband is starting a new job next week so things are very exciting in our house at the moment. Looking forward to meeting people and getting help! when needed.

Lisa,NSW,6mth baby

Hi Sara!
My name is Row. I have 2 girls 23 months and 6 months. Tymika - the older one started childcare 1 day a week at 18months to give me a chance to get to know our baby. She;s very social and I didn't expect her to have any problems. She loves being anywhere there are other children. You were lucky to get a kiss. My daughter didn't even say goodbye - too may other interesting things and people to talk to! If you want to keep in touch - my email address is [email protected]
Hi Im Lisa as well, I am from S.A. and have an 11 month old daughter. I too work in childcare and take my daughter to work with me. My husband and I both work full time and i look forward to talking to people and getting advise when needed. Good luck going back to work!!

S.A. 11mth girl

Hi Lisa,

So how is going back to work with your baby??? I am excited but nervous. I am starting at a brand new centre which hasn't even opened yet. I left my old job because I moved out of Sydney to be closer to mine and my husbands family. At my previous job my director had her little boy there and it was fine. How did the other staff react? Was it easy? Where you in the same room? If you would like to email me my adress is [email protected] (anyone else is welcome to email me as well)


Lisa,NSW,6mth baby

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