Hi guys
I have noticed quite a few people are after info on Scallywags at Wyoming. Here is what I know as I have taken Daniel once & my sister goes there.
They take babies from 10 months. You have a trial lesson the first lesson to see how they go. The first lesson is a bit daunting for them as there is only 1 class per week for 10-18 months. It's on Fri arvo at 1.30pm. The class is very big. The 2nd lesson you go to you pay $25 registration aswell as your $10 lesson fee. They sing songs & do heaps of different activities. Then they have free time to play on whatever equipment they want to. Of course mums do it with bubs. It's at Wyoming near Karate & the new swimming pool. You need to ring & book bub in for a trial lesson. Scallywags is alot like gymbaroo who have a website. It's www.gymbaroo.com.au
Hope this is enough info smile