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HI girls

Im 22 with 2 beautiful little boys a 20mnth old and a 9mnth old and was just wondering if we could start up a mothers group down this end of the coast, would love to find some friends down here.

let me know wat u think
hi teagan,

i dont live on the coast as yet (moved to cairns 12 months ago from the coast) but will be back November 24.
I would definantly be interested in starting a group wit u...
Let me know how it goes!

i live in woy woy would love to catch up at some time. i have a 2 year old and i think i actually already know you. even if its just coffee or somethink. would love to go to the pool with the kids though. let me know.

beautiful family slowly coming together

Hi there,

I live at Tascott and have a almost 3yo DS and DD is almost 15mths.

We sometimes go to the Kindergym on Friday mornings about 9am at the Woy Woy Community Centre. Its on McMasters Rd off Ocean Beach Rd and its about $6.50 per kid. It only goes for an hr or so but its a great thing for the kids to do.


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