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Hey everyone!!

Hope this post is easier for everyone to find rather then having to follow 2 tjreads...

OK, well Monday, 19th January (this coming Monday) seems to be the only suitable day we all have in common. So this Monday it is... hehe

Someone Suggested a park at Long Jetty and I for one thinks thats a great idea, will just need directions on how to get there, as I am from Lisarow.

Or if anyone else has any idea, could they put them out there, as i dont really have any ideas... lol...

10am is a good time for meeting, does that suit everyone else...

I was thinking we could possibly make it a permanent weekly catchup, of course only if everything goes according to plan on Monday.

I like the idea of Friday meet ups, does that suit? What does everyone think of that?? Anyways, Ill leave it there for now.
Catch me on MSN is easier, so my email address is
[email protected] or just PM me..

Did you want to make it in a few weeks - so everyone can lock it in - monday maybe short notice for a few. smile

Well so far including u and i there are another 2 mums that have said yes, but just havent gotten onto here to reply. And i also have yet to ask a couple more...So if your still coming, there will be 4 of us...

BUT i am happy to change it if everyone else wants it changed...

Cheers Nat, thanks for the heads up, I hadnt thought of that, but at this stage ill leave it as is, and yeah, see what happens...
hi yeap we will be there.

so whats is everyone bring?
what r the ages of kids coming? i was thinking fairy bread? is that ok.

also anyone have allergies? i dont want to bring anything that someone might be allergic too.

No allergies here smile

Alyssa is 16months and Kaitlyn is 14weeks (I think lol)

Sweet! No Allergies here either!

I have Jake 3 and a half and Maddison 1 month.

I was going to bring something from Bakers Delight, however, Monday is the day I get back on the bandwagon (Excercise and healthy eating) so im going to bring fruit... Any particular fruit anyone not like?
BUT Feel free to bring what ever you like... lol

Im so excited now lol... FINALLY its all coming together... lol

Christie (christie022) wil be coming along as well, and her little girl is about 3 months old...

If you check out the thread, (New mummies on central coast & Mums on the Northern end of Central Coast) there are a couple of other girls mabye 1 or 2 i think coming as well... But not sure of their

My name is Julia and my son is Xavier (15 months) and we would love to come!

I only really know my way around Gosford so is there a street address for the park?


My name is Julia and my son is Xavier (15 months) and we would love to come!

I only really know my way around Gosford so is there a street address for the park?

Hi Julia!!

Yes, please come, the more the merrier i say!!

Well the only way i can describe it, is its on the main road heading towards the entrance... To get to it, u go past shelleys surf bar and restaurant, and then there is two lanes, the left hand lane is the lane u need to be in, and u can only turn left... U turn on to Tuggerah Parade, its near the post office...
You can see the park off the main road...

Hope this helps...

Look forward to meetin you all tomorrow!!
hi ladies

I was meant to be coming tomorrow but have come down with a nasty throat and my gram is visiting for th weekend and isnt going home till tomorrow afternoon. I will still try to br there depending on how i am. I am soo dissapointed as i know very few people my age who i can hang out with who also have children. Saying that if i dont make it im very interested in catchiing up next week with anyone who can make it.


Hey Pettina.

Aww, thats no good hun... Hope your feeling better soon! Dont stress if you cant make it, there will be plenty more catch ups... I Hope... lol...
Dont force yourself to come if your not feeling up to it! We all know what its like to be sick while trying to bring up kids.... lol... its just not easy sometimes!
Just concentrate on getting better. if you make it, great, but if not, dont worry... im always up for a catch up!

Take Care, Talk soon,

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