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Hey guys!!

Sorry I havent organised anything of late, have been sooo busy wit buying a house and having a sick bubby that I just have had no time to do anything!!

Who wants to meet up this week? Im thinking the park at Long Jetty again, or we can do Gosford RSL or even Chipmunks. Or we could even try the park at Terrigal this week. Unless anyone has any other ideas. Probably Thursday or Friday would be best for me!!

Will wait to hear from anyone...


P.S - u can add me to MSN - [email protected] or go to!!
Its forcast for showers for the next 7 days so I think the park at Terrigal is out!

At this stage Thursday or Friday is good for me - I'd love it to be at the Gosford RSL again 'cos its cheap and the kids can be caged in!! lol
lol okay, i didnt realise abiot the rain!! gosford rsl it is then.. although if we do chipmunks, we can get one of those hot food platters... jake gets a lil bored with the rsl... but im easy!! lol
Hi Guys,

Sorry I haven't posted for awhile, did u go 2 the movies last week? Good news, I got a car smile yay, now we can get around! Only problem is - it's MANUAL & I can only drive auto ... so it might be a few weeks yet before I am cruising. More good news, DP finally got a job (yay again!) but that means he can't drive us around anymore ... so I won't be able to make this week. Never mind, we will be free to catch up in a few weeks time once I get these gears under control! Have fun smile
Hey girls...
My name is Bec, Im 27 and have a DS Cameron who is 18months old. I live on the Coast at Berkeley Vale but have just bought a house in Budgewoi and move next Friday. Id love to meet up with u guys one day if i am not intruding....
My Ds loves being with other kids and needs constant activity cos he is an energiser bunny!!! lol
Is anyone up the North end of the coast at all???

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Hi everyone,
I have posted on here a few times, but have been really busy lately (have just gone back to work 3 days a week, so trying to juggle 3 kids and work is a little hectic!!)
I would love to come to one of your meets. Getting out of the house on a Thursday/Friday would be great!!
We are in Budgewoi too (where did you buy Bec?)
Hope everyone is well
My street comes off sunrise ave.. so nice and close to the lake which is good. I dont know that area at all. I was born and bred on the coast but have always lived in Bateau bay and later Berkeley vale....
Nice to hear someone else is from budge.. feel free to offload any local knowlege such as places to go/ avoid etc.
I am thinking of enrolling my DS into the local pool there, do u know if its any good for swimming lessons???

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We are off Sunrise Ave too!
We have only been here for 12months though. We are living with the in-laws for a bit. My MIL is recovering from breast cancer and FIL works away from home, so we moved into help her out and save some money at the same time....
My daughter has swimming lessons at Norah Head. They are pretty good there, not too sure about the pool at Budg.....
hey guys, well we r going to do chipmunks this week, bit bigger, and more for the kids to do!! tomorrow good for anyone?? we just brought a house at bluehaven!! so we are moving in about 6 weeksish!! will be good to meet the new ladies!! more then welcome! Im Sheree, 23 with 3 and a half year old Jake and 12 week old Maddison!! Would be great to see you all there!!
What time are you all meeting at Chipmunks?
Would love to try and make it!
we normally say about 930 - 10am...
i might be able to make it, depends what time you are meeting...I have to start work at 1 and im sure my mil would apprecite it if i tired him out before dropping him off lol

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