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i need help please Lock Rss

I need to talk to a councellor and i need to do it by bulk billing in western sydney can anyone hel me please.

yummy mummy of three


I was reffered to a counsellor when i went to Tresillian. They told me to go to my local Early Childhood Centre and they set up an appointment for me right away. Its a free service. Tresillians Sydney number is 9787 0855 or free call 1800 637 357. They are a good first port of call. Otherwise go to your Early childhood Centre and let them know. They will help.

Good luck
If you go to your Gp. You can be referred for 6 free counselling sessions. It is generally quite a quick process depending on the availability of counsellors in your area. After the initial 6 it will be decided if you need any further


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