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Hi Everyone, I`m a 42 year old mum of five children ages B 19, G 16, G 4, B 3, G 11months and just had my 20th wedding Anniversery.
It`s great to see so many women getting together to help with a little advise or just being there when someone needs to talk.
Thank you Huggies for putting this all together. I hope I to get to know some of you.

NSW mum of 5

Hi Teece, I'm a nearly 42 year old mum of 4 children ages G 7, B 5, B 3, G 16m, & just over the 8th year of marriage. My husband works away at 2 weeks & home for 2 weeks, the 2 weeks away can take its toll, being on my own,the kids have adjusted to this well for its all that they have known there Daddy to do. They are fantastic kids.
This is the 1st time I have written in, the older mum caught my eye, thank you

Pauline Vic mother of 4

Hi Teece I was just going to start up a topic re older mums.Most of the people involved seem to be late teens and early twenties.Im 37 and have 5 childrenG 11 G9 B8 B2 B 5mths.I love my kids but I enjoy it when I get 5 mins to myself which is not often as you well know lol.Pre my last 2 babies I was an early childhood teacher but now Im a sahm which keeps me busy.I would love to hear from u and anyone else who loves to chat about anything in general.My email is [email protected] care Therese

Therese,5 Children

Hi, I'm a 42 yr old mum of one 4 month daughter! I just tell everyone that I'm a late starter! I have grey hair too so I often get asked if Deb is my grandaughter! I don't care. Jen

Jen, 42, first baby!

Hi everyone.
Older Mum caught my eye too. Your right. Everyone does seem to be so much younger but there are a few of us "oldies" out there. My Mum would shoot me if she heard me refering to myself as old ( I am nearly 38) but there are days when I feel like a hundred!! smile I have 5 children. G 20, B 19, B 14, G 9 and G 3. They keep me busy but I love it. Jen when you say you were a late starter I say I was an early starter and a late finisher!! But no more for me. It was a second marraige that took me down the path of parenthood again. It would be nice to have a chat every now and then to someone closer my own age. I'll check back to see if anyone's interested.
Take care of you everyone!!

Jen, Sydney

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