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Central Coast Mums!! Lock Rss

Hey!! Trying to organise a meet at my new house this week coming up. Thinking Friday. Im at Blue Haven now. Anyone interested??
Would love to come Sheree, look forward to it

Donna, Sophie & Finnegan + little Ebony

Hi Girls,
Izzy still has runny nose, but hopefully will be gone by Friday.
looking forward to seeing everyone.
Jo xx

Mum to Isobelle & Harrison

Sorry ladies. ahvent been around for a while.
Hope your new house is going well Sheree. Both my kids have really abd colds at the moment so wont make it this friday.. Hopefull y next time tho. Im having a linen party on June 6 at 1030.. its a saturday... youre all more than welcome.. no pressure to buy as im oing it as a favour to a friend

Hope to see you all soon


Will be good to see you Jo. And to finally meet you Donna. Pettina, I am very sorry to hear you babies arent feeling too well at the moment. I hope they are feeling better soon so we can catch up. I wont be able to make it tot he linen party. Mum2Harrison's (Cassie) little boy is having his first birthday party so will be attending that with the kids. Sorry hun. If for some reason that falls through, ill definantly be there, but yeah at this stage id have to say no. However, thanks for the invitation!!....

Talk soon...

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