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Hi my name is bec, I am 21 and live in Armidale NSW. my bub is due in June. i don't know anyone here except for my parents and two sisters. i am wondering if there is anyone out there who i could get to know?
my email and msn is [email protected]

hi bec,

my name is rebekah to! i'm 25 and i have a 5 month old son named alex. we live in gunnedah so we are not that far really from each other.

i know how u feel even though i went to school here alot of the people i knew from school have moved away and i did to (to newcastle) where i had alex before moving back here at xmas time. my mum is only 1/2 hr away at boggabri but it still gets boring.

how are things going with your pregnancy. not having any hassles? your due date will be here before you know it smile

my email is [email protected] you can email me anytime

hope to hear from you soon take care

beck and alex

Rebekah NSW, Alex 21.10.05 & Ryan 23.2.07

Hi Bec,
My hubby and I don't live there now but we are originally from Armidale.
My sister in law lives there now, she's 24 this year I think, and she just had her first bub. I'm sure she'd love to chat with you as she's got lots of friends in Armidale but none with a bub, or from what I gather, even thinking about children.
She hasn't got the net on yet but she's in the middle of organising it now, so I'll be sure to keep you posted and tell her about you.
Are you working at the mo?
Do you have plans to work after the bub is born?
What brought you to lil ol Armidale?
Sorry for being big question asking woman. It's just surprising to read about Armidale on here.
Anyway hopefully I'll have some news about my SIL soon. In the mean time good luck with the rest of your pregnancy!

Laura DS July 03, DD Oct 05, DD Nov 08

hi bec,i have an 11 and a half month old girl i am from glen innes,i am 21 i have the same prob as you only knowing family,wright to me one day at [email protected]
Hi bec,
My name is jodi and i have 2 boys, ethan 3 and patrick 20mths. I have only been in armidale for 4mths. I dont really know anyone, i dont have family here either. If you would like a chat you can email me or msn it is [email protected]
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