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NEWCASTLE NSW mums interested in mothers group? Lock Rss

i want to start a mothers group as im sick of sitting at home with my son everday and miss adult conversation lol and was wondering if anyone from Newcastle NSW would be interested?
Hey there I would like to invite you and your son to my new PG in newcastle. Another girl "mary anne" and I have begun a mothers group at the foreshore park. If you guys would like to come its on Mondays from 10 till 12ish.
Hi my name is Bec, im 22 and have a 21 month old daughter named Taylah, i would love to meet other mums my age in the newcastle area.

hi bec, im alana, im 22 with a 12 month old son smile
I have organised our mums group smile
it will be at the fair play cafe (3/5-7 Pacific Hwy Gateshead, its across from charlie the chook)
starting Friday 25th September at 10:30am.
We needed a name to get the discount I put it as huggies mums group lol
we have a discounted entry fee so prices are:
0-12 months – Free
12-23 months – $6.70
2 yrs & up - $9.25
Food is quite expensive there (40 dollars for a platter of sandwiches and 32 dollars for a fruit platter) so I thought everyone could just bring snacks for their kids and maybe chuck in $2 per family to get a jug of cordial or something if we want.
If you have any further questions please email me
Hi ive sent you an email. Hope you get it before tomorrow, if not i will see you then.
Hi smile

I am a 29 yr old mummy of a 2 1/2 yr old and a 7 mth old...... i am interested in joining a mothers group as i NEED ADULT CONVERSATION :)i love my little ones sooo much but there is only so much of the Wiggles and Dora i can take lol look forward to meeting other Newcastle mummies
we meet at Warners Bay Park every friday at 10:00am
at this stage we just bring snacks for our own children
Hi smile

I have only just checked my emails. Warners Bay park sounds great, we will come next Friday. Thank you
Hello everyone. I am 19 year old first ime mum with a 5week old baby girl. I'm looking to find a mothers group so I can make some friends going through the same as me. I live in new lambton. I want to get fit and out of the house as well.
Hi everyone I'm 24 and a first time mum of a 12 week old boy and
I'm looking for a mothers group to join in the newcastle or maitland area.
Hi I am also looking to join a mothers group with mothers of babies similar age to my son (12weeks). I am 28 and live in the Newcastle area. Brooke_089 have you been able to start a group
Hi Rachael no I haven't found one to join. I went to my local
Clinic a couple of weeks ago in Raymond terrace and she is starting
A new parents group next month for the people that go to her.
Other then that I haven't found one
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