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Hi everyone

I'm looking for people to meet around the North Gosford area to meet up and have play dates with myself, and my two boys aged 3 and 2, at the Jarret street park. I don't drive, so that makes it hard for me to get anywhere too far.

Cheers, Haylee.

3 gorgeous children to love forever

im not from around north gosford, am on the northern end of the central coast... but id be happy to travel to meet up...
pm me and we can arrange something
Hi, I live in Nth gosford and i have a 2 yr old son and would love to meet up!
Hi girls

sorry for not getting back till now, i've been in Sydney and just checked my emails.

This is great!!! I can finally start meeting other mums and talk to grown ups again lol...The best days for me are Mon/Tue/Wed as my boys are in day care the other two.

are you free on Monday? Mabye we could meet up then?

3 gorgeous children to love forever

Heya! Hope you had a nice time in sydney... Wednesday would be preferable for me, but could probably try and make it on a monday...

I am in wyoming and would love to meet other mums in the area!
Although I am still currently working full time (I am 35 weeks pregnant), so at this stage could only do a weekend. I also have a 2 year old son.


DS - 08/01/06 girl due 20/02/10

Monday is best for me, shall we try and meet up next Monday 18th? Jarrett st park?
Hi Tracey,

I forgot to mention that weekends are good for me too smile I don't work at all. feel free to add me on facebook. you'll find me under Haylee Beggs. Does your son go to any preschools locally? My boys go to Wyoming early learning on Thursdays, which was previously known as koala kindy, and they are also starting with Koolyangarra, 3 doors from me in Jarrett st, On Friday.

as for next monday the 18th, that's good with me too. even if we all can't meet up on the same days, we could still meet up individually until we can get a chance to meet up together as I am only walking distance from there. I live opposite the private hospital and special school in Jarrett st.

3 gorgeous children to love forever

Hi there,

I will search for you on FB smile
My son actually goes to daycare in Hornsby; long story, but his dad s in Galston and he is with each parent 50/50.
Wyoming Early Learning; is that the one on the corner of maidens brush and henry parry? If so, I would be interested to hear your thoughts on it, as I am thinking of looking into it for this little one when I go back to work.

Whilst I obviously can't do weekdays just yet (give me a couple more weeks though..... smile), would love to try and meet up at some stage though.


DS - 08/01/06 girl due 20/02/10

Koolyangarra is a great kindy! My son goes there wed, thurs and fri (well, we've added wednesdays this year because he loves it so much and im nearly 8 months pregnant etc etc..) He's starting in the 2+ room this year. Lovely carers, can't speak highly enough of it!

I will be at the park on Monday at about 9.30, so if anyone can make it, I'll see you there!
HI Tracey

Yes, that's the one. They're ok there. It did have a bit of a reputation a while ago. from what i've figured it was mainly problems in the baby rooms. My boys have been going part time since last August, and they're not in the baby room, and I haven't had any major problems. Honestly though, do look around. I only took it out of desperation and coz it's walking distance to home, and it was the only one that had a spot, but I wouldn't have taken the spot had they been still under same managment. I asked about the problems they had before and they reassured me that all previous staff involved with what happend before had long gone and since being under new managment, there had been a better feel to it. I had my boys on the waiting list for Koolyangarra in Jarret street since I bought this house Last June and i've just managed a spot there this year. I'm only keeping them in wyoming one day a week coz one of my friends works there and I know she will ensure my boys are safe and well looked after, plus they really enjoy it there. From the feeling I have though, Koolyangarra has a better feel to it and considering it has a waiting list, it must be good. I've heard great feedback about it.

3 gorgeous children to love forever

Hi xaviefoxsmum

really !! How cool. My boys will be starting next Friday and only going on Fridays for now, so we'll probably see eachother there alot too! I'll have one in the 2-3 year old room which I think is the room your son is in, and my other son will be in the 3-4's room. I've been on the waiting list since June. At this stage, i'll keep my boys at wyoming for Thursdays until they've experienced Kooly for a few weeks and If I see that they're enjoying kooly more, i'll pull them out of wyoming and add an extra day in kooly. Koolys only 3 doors away from me so that's even better!

Monday 9.30 is great with me but I may be a bit late give or take 10 mins or so, but I'll definately be there. I'll be the one with the 2 boys dragging Me to the park. If it's raining, obviously we'll have to give it a miss. i'm looking forward to it..What's your name btw?

3 gorgeous children to love forever

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