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what was she thinking? (bx show) Lock Rss

i just wanted to have my say about the 82 yr old that backed into the crowd at the bathurst show? must be serious it made breaking news on the 5pm news last night. i dont want to say what i really think though (i dont want to offend) i hope the little boy and all 10 of them for that matter will be ok

for more info on what im talking about go to the sydney morning herald website

as of next yr i doubt if anyone will be allowed to park around the arena and thats the way it should be


DD may 03, DS oct 06

hey manda,

i didn't even know bout that until i read ur msg! i had a look at the article in the smh and couldn't believe wat i was reading! how the hell did she do that! that is terrible! i'm glad i wasn't there and i bet theres alot of others that agree with me!

if ppl r aloud 2 park around the arena after this incident then there is something seriously wrong!

kobie xox

Kobie tongue mummy to Shaye 16/6/06

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