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Hi everyone,

I know you are probably sick of hearing from me but I'm getting to the stage where I am feeling really lonely/isolated. Don't get me wrong I love my son and being a stay at home mum is the best but I'd love some adult friends.

I'm 23yrs and my son is 5months old (almost 6)

I've recently joined a playgroup, and while it's fun all the other mums are a lot older. Dont get me wrong, they are all super lovely people....... But I don't know I think I'd just like to meet some friends around my age group.

So if you live in the maitland, Thornton, Raymond terrace area and you wanna chat and one day hang out please drop me a line, either here or email me @ [email protected]

Bye guys smile
Im in the area but Im 32 and my youngest is 4yrs old smile

Im in the area but Im 32 and my youngest is 4yrs old smile


I'm not against meeting anyone older. I'd love to chat and hang with anyone if you're interested. And any way DP is 33 so most of his friends that we visit from time to time are in their late 20s early 30s. But if still like to find someone my age because I don't really have any friends my age any more. Before I got pregnant I found out the friends I went to school with did some things behind my back and I felt like I couldn't be friends with them any more. Then there is my friends at work, but most of them are younger than me and are into going out to clubs. I've out grown that cos I'd much rather have a BBQ with friends and stay home having drinks and playing cards. Now that I've got DS and have moved a bit far away the few friends that I did have I dont have much contact with. We still chat via email, but it's hard to stay in contact as they all have their own lives and things going on.

So yeah if you wanna chat that would be awesome smile

Im in the area but Im 32 and my youngest is 4yrs old smile

Oh also forgot, you wouldn't want a kids piano would you? It's a small wooden one with a small flower design on it. Comes with a stool to sit on. It's in pretty good nick aside from some keys not working.

If you want it and are willing to pick it up it's yours. We got it from MIL who brought it originally for DPs DD3, and since his ex won't let him or anyone in his family have contact with her MIL has given it to us. The thing is I don't really want it as it will just always remind me of DD3 and her cow of a mum which will just make me angry.

We only got it last night so I don't have any pictures but if you give me your email (if you are interested in it) I will send some pics to you.

hi there im 24 and i have a 6 week old baby girl im from rutherford i am looking for some new friends aswell as all my friends just seemed to not be my friend again after my baby girl was born and all i have is my bf friends but everyone is to busy to sit and listen or just hang out anyway
would love to get together or chat or anything

Hi there I'm from Sydney but am moving to singleton in 2 weeks with my partner.
I'm 22 and have a 14 week old son named Coopa smile
My email is [email protected] if you want to chat.
Hi im Halli im 25 and have a 4 month old daughter, moved to the area recently & would like to catch up smile send me an email at [email protected]
Hey there smile I'm 19 yrs of age, I live in Rutherford. I am a first time mum to an 8 week old baby girl named Whitney. I am new to the area and don't know a soul :/ I would love to meet a few mums in the area! Unfortunately I am still on my l's , but I am working on getting my ps. Hope to hear from you soon smile
Kind regards brooke.
Hey there
I know this post is a bit old but thought i would try my luck.
Im 22 years old and live in raymond terrace i have moved here from mackay qld and desperately looking for friends as i have none. I have a 5 month old daughter =)
Emails welcome =) [email protected]
Hi Kristen

I just came across this too. I'm in raymond terrace, 27 and have a 17 month old boy.

If anyone is a part of a playgroup or interested in play time at the park particularly thurs or Friday let me know.

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