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Looking for parents of 4 year old boys Lock Rss

Hi.. We are searching for mums and dads of 4 year old boys so our little monkey can make some friends! smile

We moved to Terrigal a couple of years ago, set up a business and spent all our spare time renovating.. Basically there hasn't been time for much else but we don't know anyone and would like to get to know some local families.

If you're interested we can catch up for coffee at a park or Erina fair on the weekends?
I know you posted about 9 months ago but i have 2 sons one whom turned 4 in July and my baby turned 1 in September.

Not sure if you found people with 4 yo boys to hang out with but my mothersgroup which have been getting together every week since our now 4yo were 1mth old. We are all mostly from the Peninsula area but get together at the Umina Park/Woy woy community centre playgroup every wednesday and theres at least 8 of us every week all having a 4 yo and younger children.

If your interested in getting together one week to give us a test drive feel free to email me at and i can let you know where we are headed or we could meet up on another day to chat first then when its at one of the mums houses you at least know one of us.

Take care
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