As someone who belatedly wanted to help a woman having difficulty conceiving via IVF, by giving her some of my eggs only to find myself in a similar situation and now needing donor eggs, I've found there are many women who would be happy to help if they knew about the situation.

So wanted to advise of a programme on SBS -

“MAKING BABIES” will be broadcast on TUESDAY MAY 30th at 7.30pm on SBS. Repeated on Friday at 1pm and Monday at 2pm.


At a time when infertility in Australia is on the rise, donor conception is increasingly becoming an option for prospective parents. But sperm donors are concerned about possible legal complications, and egg donations and surrogacy are rapidly becoming expensive commodities, with an international market now operating. Can we regulate the business of baby making when it’s happening elsewhere?

Coming soon to INSIGHT we bring together donors, donor conceived children, parents, and fertility experts to discuss the increasingly complicated ways families are being formed.

Kim, QLD, seeking egg donor