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Looking an egg donor Lock Rss

I have a two year old son via IVF whom I adore. People comment on how gentle he is towards younger children and how good at sharing. It would be tragic for him not to have the opportunity of sharing life’s joys with a sibling (who can lessen the burden of all of Mum’s kisses). My eggs have stopped cooperating so we are seeking an empathetic woman, preferably under the age of 34, who marvels when she sees the interaction between her own children, to donate her eggs.

Contact me at [email protected] Please don’t feel obligated if you simply reply to enquire.

I live in Brisbane however travel can be discussed.

Kim, QLD, seeking egg donor

I really hope you fined some one to help you out.
as my partner and myself have been through ivf with our daughter and would also like another child my eggs are not the problem though its my hubby
good luck

baby brittney

Hi Kim. I have just read your post, i am interested but i will have to look into and see what the process involves.

Can you recommend a site that has the right information.

A little about myself. i am 22 next month, i have a healthy 14mth old little boy and i have another one inside of me with about 15 weeks to go.

I have always wished i could help people out in some way but have never looked into it.

I have never smoked or done any drugs. I was in the Royal Australian Navy for 3 years but left last year as it is to hard to juggle with a child.

If you are interested please let me know. I will do some research on it tomorrow.

I currently live in Nowra, 2hrs south of sydney but have family in brisbane. I will also be in brisbane in about 2-3 weeks time.

Hope i can help.


The 3 of us

Hi Kim
my name is melinda wilson and I was 27 last week and have 3 boys and have been thinking about this for a while now since I dont whish to have any more kids and I have no use for my eggs any more so if you can tell me all about it, we may be able to work something out.
"oh" I live in newcastle which is about 2 hours drive from sydney.
so I hope to hear from you soon
from melinda wilson
you can e-mail me if you want on:
[email protected]


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