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hello everyone

im a 24yr old married mum of two spunky boys zac 3, Osca 4mths, and looking for penpals, i dont get much of a chance to get out at the moment but hoping to soon, otherwise im on the computer. i enjoy my children and love meeting new mums and their princes'/ princess' and sharing good motherly knowledge. please leave me your email address if you want to chat, (then maybe later on we could hang out and the children could play).
friendly and sincere mum, casey

Take Care

Hi Casey, my names renee. i am 26 in a few weeks time and 22 weeks preg with my first baby. was not sure if you'd want to chat with me prior to bub being born in october.
if you feel like email me my addey is
[email protected]
hope Zac and Osca are well and you also
Hi all! My name's Kellie and I'm a 19 yr old mum from Jesmond. My daughter Chloe is 5 months old and starting to get teeth. I'd like to know any good remedies (still a bit confusing for me) or relief my my daughter. I'd love to meet up as i'm very new to the area, wishing you all the best for your children smile

Chloe 2 yrs


I'm a newcastle native with a 7.5 mth old boy. none of my friends have babies, so I would love to chat to other mums. Does anyone live in the New Lambton or Lambton area?

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