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Are you near Port Macquarie - Kempsey area? Lock Rss

Hi all!
My name is Sam & I am currently living in QLD, but my husband & I are looking to move back to NSW in the next 6-8mths, so we can be closer to family for our girls.
We have an idea of where we'd like to live, but I would love to hear from any mums around the Port Macquarie, Kempsey, Sth Wst Rocks area & any other places that I don't know of in the area, so as I can get a better idea of where we should move to.
My email address is [email protected], if you would like to reply to me here or there I'd really appreciate it! Thanks,

Sam, mum to 3 girls,brisbane

Hi Sam.
We live at South West Rocks, it is great for the kids, a really pretty town. But we will be relocating to Port Macquarie within the next few months hopefully. It has more to offer being a small city. They have a indoor play centre, small petting zoo and the same style of beaches that we are used to here at the rocks. And more shops, important for Mum time.

Leigh,mum of six.

Hi Sam,

I live in Sydney bt my grandparents, aunty, my cousin and her son moved to Bonny Hills and Lake Cathie (bout 35 -40 mins from port macq). My cousin (the one with the son) loves living at lake cathie, she lives on the beach ina rental flat and since moving there her son has blossomed. In sydney he used to get picked on as he was very tall (age is seven but same height as a 10 year old). im going to visit them next week. if i was able to move there i probably would, but my mother is in sydney and i cant really tolerate the heat.

Theres heaps of things to do there and it is a really pretty place.

Aimee, 4 year old princess

Hi Aimee085 How are you, I live in Sydney aswell but my Father in Law has a house at Lake Cathie we use it as a holiday house. Where in Lake Cathie does your cousin live, We know some people up there and My father in law is classed as a local cause he has been going there for so many years.
I know a few people up there aswell.



she lives in the street before the new woolworths that they build there, chapana street or sumthing?? her name is michelle and she has a sone called jarrod who goes to school somewhere there i think.


Aimee, 4 year old princess

Hi I know Chapana Street our house is just up the road on ocean drive near middle rock road I dont know any one named Michelle up there. Do u know any people up there. I only know the people next door to us and another lady Vicki and her son Daniel she works at the Lake Cathie Tavern and the Bowling Club in Lake Cathie across from the lake.


Hi Leigh,
South West Rocks is beautiful! We spent Easter there in my Aunty & Uncles Holiday Unit, that's what made the decision for us to move, thanks for the info on Port Macquarie. I don't really know that much about it, we have friends who live there & that's where my husband wants to head.
I've just looked in to a job at Kempsey, to hopefully start around Sept/Oct. I feel that if I don't keep the ball rolling, my husband will just sit back & let things stay the way they are & I'm relly sick of Brisbane!

Sam, mum to 3 girls,brisbane


no i dont know anyone there except for my family that live there.


Aimee, 4 year old princess

Hi Sam,

Well I have lived in Kempsey most of my life since the age of six.....moved away a few times but always came back home. I am now 25, married and expecting.

I live just west of Kempsey along the armidale road near a little town called Willawarrin.

I would love to chat with mums from the local area and have added a few to my msn so if you and hubby did decide to come down this way feel free to add me to msn my address is

[email protected] ,just take off the no spam bit that is just to stop robots that browse forums for addresses and send junk mail.

Looking forward to hearing from you or any other local ladies that wish to add me. Just let me know your from Huggies.

Best wishes

Penny Cassie - Maddison Abigail born 15th Oct 2006

Hey Sam. I live at Laurieton with my husband and 2 children(5yr girl and 4mth boy) It's a beautiful, clean and safe spot (20 min South Port). Rent is cheaper than Port. Daycare widely avail also great preschools and schools. Port is a bit more busy life where Laurieton more relaxed and short drive to Port. Lived here for 18 years. Where abouts in Queensland you from? We wnting to move end next year where best family areas?

Amanda,NSW, 5yr old & 4mth old

I'm from Port.
[Edited on 14/02/2008]

Suzanne, NSW, 3 boys

personally i grew up and spent 18 years in kempsey and i would not recomend moving there port is great but there are no opportunities for children, teenagers, and arnt many jobs available, there are to many brawls in the daytime at the shops for this small country town

any way i kno live in port which is where i would loved to grown up

in the end the choice is yours

hope u make the rite one happy moving

kim, coby4months

Kimberley , Corey & Coby 11 months

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