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Newly Single Mum Lock Rss

I have a little girl, 14 months old, and have separated from my husband a few months ago. I live in Newcastle NSW and would be interested in any advice you have about how to deal with things as far as she goes. I'm not into complaining and feeling quite Ok about the situation - actually relieved. Would be interested to talk to Single Mums with older kids about their experiences and others in my situation, or contemplating it, to give mutual support and advice. Hard work but worth it!
My email is currently [email protected]

Lucy's Mum

Hope all is well with you & your little girl. Just try to be civil to you husband for your daughters sake & do what ever is best for her.
Good Luck

Hi Broni,

I understand what you may be going through, I am single with "3" kids! It's tough at times, but us women are just born to cope & after a while you don't even think about it, you just do it. What doesn't kill you, makes you stronger!
Hope your going ok.
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