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any mummies and babies from newcastle that want to chat ????

Hey there im from newcastle would love to chat.
I have a 10month old boy.
Im a stay at home mum and love it, i hope you got through the recent storms ok.
This is the first time i have ever posted on this site.
im on the outskirts of newcastle smile i have a 18 month old daughter smile

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days

Hi all,

I am a returned memeber of Huggies and am hoping that things have picked up considerably since my last stint here.

I am hoping to chat with, get to know and meet other genuine women on a one on one basis...I have had a bit of enough of "groups" of people and have found that it is more difficult for me to forge any strong friendships.

Having been a primarily SAHM for my almost 5yrs in the Lake Macquarie area and not having school aged children, it makes it extremely difficult to meet and get to know like-minded women.

I so miss my girlie support network and would love it if I could meet just one other person on the same wave length as me.

I am 30yo, happily married with 2 beautiful little girls (almost 3yo and almost 1yo). I am a WAHM now. I do the "books" for my husbands company and am also a party plan demonstrator.

I am seeking, genuine, honest and meaningful friendships. If you think you would be interested in meeting for coffee or a play date for the kids I would love to hear from you. I will check this thread to see what does but would pref. if you wouldn't mid responding via the PM system.

I hope to hear from some of you soon.
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Hi Im in Maryville.
I have a boy 14months and im 27wks pregnant with bub #2 another boy. I would be happy to meet and chat with other mums in the area.

Kim, Kaileb James 27/4/06, Elijah 15/9/07

Hi girls,

My name is Tara and I am nearly 30, married and a SAHM to 3 gorgeous boys!! I live in the Lake Mac area and always looking for new people to chat to!

Take care

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Hi everyone !!!!
well im a 20 yr old single mum with a 6 month old baby boy...
we live in warners bay... where is everyone else at ?????

Hi all I am 20 and I move to Raymond Terrace next week (arrive friday). My bub isn't due until October... so i'm a newie mum to be.

I'm at East Maitland - we moved here from Sydney in February. I have 21mth g/b twins.

Michele, NSW, Taea Grace & Bailey Stephen 25.09.05

Hi Ladies,
My names Celeste in 23, i live near Maitland and have a 4 month old daughter Lilli, would love to catch up...

[email protected]

xxx Celeste xxx Lilli xxx Jemma xxx

i am at summerland point - down the end of lake macquarie. smile

Heidi 3 years & Annika 4 days

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