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online shopping for baby & kids? Lock Rss

Hello out there. I have been sitting here trying to find some groovy kids shopping on the computer and can't find a lot.
Maybe we could start a running list of good site for online shopping?

I found 2 that I absolutley love! Maybe you will too..

1. Arizona Rose
**this is great - run by mums and really cool vintage fabrics. If you join their mailing list before Feb. they are offering 10% lifetime discount. I just bought the cutest singlet for my baby girl!
2. tomit
Very traditional clothes, a bit pricey but very nice

If anyone has any other please list them here!

They have some cute stuff but best to buy in the sales!

Hi there Busymum Ebay is great.There is secondhand clothes as well as newalso but u need to be a bit careful and have a fair idea of what brands cost what.I agree it is hard to find groovy clothes on line and like me with 5 children I dont get to go shopping a great deal even though I love it.Sometimes in the back of the Mother and Baby magazine and Practical parenting etc they have websites for kids clothes.I hope I have been some help.Take care Tess3au

Therese,5 Children

Hi There
I have found ebay great.
I have bought great outfits for the kids and once they have grown out of them I sell them again and use that money to buy more. So it is not to hard on the back pocket.
It is so easy.
But I still love to hear about other websites for kids clothes.
Cheers Danielle...

mum of 3 under 4 (2 girls and 1 boy, )

Hi busy mum
Check out
They have some reasonably priced and groovy clothes.
Haapy clothes hunting!!!!
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