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Moving into melbourne-mitcham Lock Rss

Hello all mumies,
We will be moving into Mitcham mid January. Now in the process of organizing everything for the move. Just wondering whether any one can help me with some information, its basicaly about the area, is there a good Gp for the kids( i have 2 girls aged 3.5yrs and 2 yrs) , any swimming centre,any public library, playgroups,nearby Medical centre, any bulkbilling Gp , or any other information that you think will be worth knowing.Thanks in advance.
Wish everyone a happy and safe Xmas and Newyear.
Hi Naz,

I lived in mitcham and have just moved to a near by suburb but still use everything the same as tho was living in mitcham.

There is a great GP called whitehorse medical centre i too go there in fact was there today lol i have 3 little ones my oldest son is 5.5yrs my youngest son is 21months and i have my beautiful daughter she is 10 weeks old.

There is a great shoppping centre near by and also has an indoor play centre on the top floor called ambers which we too visit regular lol

There is a library that does kids reading on weekends and nice park areawhat part of mitcham u moving too???

If you would like to chat feel free


Hello Bree,
Thanks a lot for your reply, finally someone took the time to give me those important info.Speaking of the GP , do you see any particular gp in the medical centre ,as i would love to have a fixed Gp who will be able to keep all the records of the kids.I am in ormond avenue, its 10 mints walk from the station and close to Haliday park.Which library were you talikng about and if you know is there any good preschool or kindy for my 3.5 yrs old girl?I know i am asking too many things, hope you are not annoyed by it.It really helps to get the info from someone who had first hand experince and when u move to a new place every little info counts.I was having some trouble in logging into the forum, thats why couldn't reply to you earlier.
Hope few other moms share their info as well.
Have a nice day.
Hi Naz,

Great to hear form u.. how was your move??? I think i have already said i only moved 5 mins away from u lol but i still use the gp i see DR. Sakowsky i found him great with all 3 of my kids ... not to sure on him for a gp for me tho but thats a long story but i wouldnt hesitate recommending him for kids my DS#2 has kidney problems and has been operated on a few times at royal chldrens and i go back to see joe ( thats his name ) lol and he explains everything to me and in a language i understand...

I think i no wat street u are living in im pretty sure that was a couple street over from my last place. There is a fantastic park on mitcham road neer where gymbaroo is held and a bowls club and school we go there a bit as for kinders my DS#1 used to go to forest hill pre school i was president there at the start of last year b4 i sadly took him out and moved him to heathmont as thats where he is going to school there is also a good child care centre called lucknow street its on lucknow street lol my oldest also use to go there hehe im a child care co ordinator so i am fussy in places like that!!!

The library i was talking about is called whitehorse library hmmm i think its on whitehorse road its also the council chambers and stuff there.

Feel free to ask any more questions and maybe we called meet up for a play one day if u like!!!

Im sure u have told me how many kids do u have and wat age???

I have Sabby who is 5 starting school this year... Seth who is 21 months and Makayla who i call Bella she is 11 weeks and im so ready to start TTC#4 but im getting married in Feb next year so i will try to wait to thats over lol

Talk soon


Hi Naz

How did your move go??

I am not far from Mitcham. My boys go to a school in Vermont which is the suburb that sits next door to it.

I use Boronia road medical centre. Do Mark Pretty is sensational. They bulk bill before 1pm during the week.

I used a kinder called Eastmont Kinder which is in vermont just off canterbury road and just down form the intersection of mitcham and canterbury road. They are exceptional!!

Haliday park is a great park....

Your train line....mitcham goes straight into the city and you can get on that line from using the Lillydale line mostly when coming home from city.

Shopping centres you have Forest Hill which is heading towards the city on canterbury road....or heading out of city on maroondah hwy you have eastland. Both are great. I tend to use eastland more though.

Your council would have heaps of literature on what parks and libaries are around in your area. But there is a main libary on maroondah hwy just near springvale road intersection. Which run kids times sessions. e.asp?Page_Id=530&h=1

There is also this terrific community house called Mitcham Community House which sits on Brunswick road Mitcham....they run various courses but also offer childcare there aswell. I use to do yoga there. very cheap and affordable.

Anyways I hope your move went well


[Edited on 01/02/2008]

Hugs from Lisa ****Mummy to 4 gorgeous boys****

Hello lisa and Bree,
thanks for ur very informativ email, it really helps to know things from people who lived hereand have family.We hav ebeen settling down ok, but I have started work from last week and no wits getting quite hectic and stressfull. My moms lives with m eso thats a great support but still its quite demanding.Speaking of Mall i have been to eastland and knox city and they both are great.Lisa , speaking of medical centre what is the name of the centre?Is there a one u know that is bulk billing and open on weekend or afterhours, as my mom need to see a good Gp quite often and both of us working, weekdays are not really very good option for us. How is ur pregnancy going? how old are your boys?I am sorry that I couldn't check this forum lately ..hope to hear from u girls again.
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