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Hello, any mums in and around Sunbury? Lock Rss

Hi there

I'm just wondering if there are any mums in and around Sunbury who would like to catch up for a cofee and a chat sometime? I have a 14 week old baby boy, Harrison and would love to meet some other mums.

hi there im not in sunbury but not 2 far do u have msn?
hey im in melton and would love to catch up for coffee, i get so bored at home i have 2 sons, riley almost 21mths and lucas 8weeks, i have facebook.


im in melton too but its not that far from sunbury. im 22 and ds is 2.5
hiya smile I'm jess and i'm from melton -lol- my lil man is 2yo
Hi Claire,

I'm in sunbury too (doesn't seem to be many of us!). I have a 7.5 month old son, first child.

Are you in a 'Babies in Hume' group run by the council? If not, ask your MCHN for more information. I've just finished one and now we've started a playgroup. It was a really good way to meet other new mums!

I'm also on facebook, look me up

kirsty campbell

let me know how i know you in the friend request!

Hi, we have only just recently moved out of Sunbury but still visit regularly. I have two boys, 9months and 2.5years. Always interested in making new friends smile I can also recommend a fantastic playgroup if you are interested. I am actually considering travelling once a week to our old playgroup as I haven't found one I am happy with in our new area. Please feel free to contact me. Would love to chat smile
hi claire.

i live in Deer Park but would be interested in a meet. I have a 4month old girl. email me if you like: [email protected]
Hi Claire, I'm Rebekah.. I live in Sunbury, I have a 3 and a half month old baby girl her names Kiara and I also have a little man his 14months old and his names Cyrus.. I'm so bored at home and would like to meet other mums.. I have Facebook!

Hi smile I am Tenika and I have a little boy who is four in September and a seven and a half month old girl. I am in Perth at the moment but will be moving to Sunbury in the next few months due to hubbys job and I would love to meet some mums beforw I move so I have some sort of friend base before I move over so if anyone wants to chat I am on Facebook under Tenika Brown or send me a msg on here smile hope to chat to some of ypu soon xo
Heyy, I'm DJ and am due with bubs in October. I live in Sunbury, if you ever want to catch up or chat feel free to message me
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