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anyone wanting chat on msn or meetup Lock Rss

hi peoples

my name is jackie

I live in narre warren and if anyone would like to chat my msn is [email protected] or to meet up my son is 10 months old...... i tried about 2 mths ago to form a mums group people responded but in the end did not turn up and the people that did turn up once never agin turned up again a little confused as why you would bother..... not being rude but but if you don't want to chat or meet please don't respond as it wastes my time and yours......genuine only thanks ( hope its not too rude but i did get a little annoyed last time)


Mum to baby boy Heath born 14/02/2005

HI JAckie,
I was one of those who never turned up to mums group and I am so sorry but we had chicken pox running through our house. Sorry it didn't work out

Tarin, vic, Mitch aged 4, Noah aged 2

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