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On mothers day, My mum and I went to church. I hadnt been for a very long time , but they announced that they were going to open a centre to help young mums cope with pregnancy . I dont really know a lot about it but I thought it was a great idea, as there seem to be a lot of pregnant women/teens in Frankston who need help. They wanted any old clothes or toys that people didnt want anymore .. A freind who aslo uses this webiste thought it might be an idea if we asked on the website...If you wanted to drop any stuff that could help i guess you could leave it at st francis xavier in frankston - it was just an idea and not meant to cause controversy or anything

proud new mummy

sorry about the spelling errors my little one is sitting on my knee as i write this

proud new mummy

Hey there Mookie,

I think this is an awesome idea and I wish you all the very best of luck with it and the church. Unfortunatly I can't help out at the moment as all my baby clothes get handed down to friends in need.



hey Mel,like i said i dont really go to church that much, but just as a mum i thought it was a good idea. i thought it wouldnt hurt to let people know, just in case they can help. religion doesnt have that much to do with it - i mean its hard enough being a mum, let alone a mum who is unhappy during pregnancy or a young mother ..and besides everyone needs help and support, so i thought it was a harmless idea making others aware of it.. honestly i dont even know how its progressing but i really hope people will help. i know lots of mums who hand down their clothes- its great that people are willing to help people out! thanks for the relpy and have a good night!!

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I was just about to put a bag of clothes out for the diabetes foundation, that were collecting today! I have just gone through it, and am going to head down to the church today to give them what i have smile

And a completely off track question~ Do you live in the Frankston area? I do and would love to meet up...
oh thats so great that you dontated clothes, am sure they would be comps not working too well!

proud new mummy

I just dropped a bag off the lady was really grateful, she said anything ould be good - even bigger childrens clothes
Oh honestly things are really hectic for me right now. love to chat on the comp though ,
where abouts in frankston do you live?
how old are your little ones etc

proud new mummy

If anyone needed to use the centre it is in Frankston opposite the train station. They are really caring and need all the help they can get.

proud new mummy

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