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Hello. Just to let you know I made my slice and mousse cake yesterday all ready for today, then I couldnt sign into huggies last night so thought I would just get up and try in the morning. Well huggies forum still said it was down for maintanance and I only Just now could sign in. So I have a hell of allot of food here + fruit that I was going to make the kiddies fruit salad with, all here. I couldnt get your address, phone number nothing! And I asked the only person whos email I have (Rouba) if she could pm you but she mustnt have been on Or on her email. I have bruna's phone number But no credit on my prepaid so Couldnt message or call her and ask if she knew or could get on. I was so bloody upset as I was looking forward to coming, and was Actualy going to ask if it was okay if I came with a cold...But as I said I couldnt sign on so i was pissed off!

I tried signing in a NZ but kept bumping me off to .au so wouldnt work either.

Its dissapointing no-one else turned up but if they are huggies mums then I would think maybe they had the same problem. If I EVER dissapear again, its not because Im away from the comp (unless its w/e-monday) It because I cannot sign on. I work on my comp all week. So email me if I dissapear at [email protected]

Are you up for re-scheduling, anytime at all? I will be opening my home to a selected few that I know/meet on here for a learning ladder party but not for a few weeks or more so would still love a meet up in between...

Sorry again smile

Im Sorry Mel no one turned up thats not good at all.
As i said in my sms to you yesterday morning why we couldnt come i wouldve loved to come and catch up agian i got ds into the doctors and both of hes ears are infected.
I will talk to you soon.


Hi Girls,

Thank you so much to all that replied to my not happy jan message. I hope it didn't seem rude it was not my intention to be rude I was just hurt to be honest.

I look forward to seeing you all soon.



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