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Hi all,i'm 24 yrs old and expecting my first baby girl on September 29th and i'm a new mum just wondering if there any new mums around the sth eastern suburbs that would like to start up a new mums group? i'm close to glen waverley, mulgrave area's and as most of my other friends don't have children we don't really have much in common anymore sad and they have become distant, so if anybodies interested please let me know.....thanks!
Hey there...

I am 25 and in south east melbourne too, more bayside and am expecting our first little boy on October 23rd.
I completly understand what you mean about the friends with no kids, I feel exactly the same way.

Be great to talk to you, you must be getting excited now?!

I am in the South Eastern suburbs as well. We are expecting baby #3 5th November but I think we will have him earlier.

I have 3 year old twins and would love to meet up. Pm me anytime.

hey trace, how are you? aaww that's so cute smile hows the pregnancy been going for you? yeah it really sucks having friends with no kids lol or them becoming distant on you because were pregnant oh well what can we do....yeah i'm excited/shitting myself haha i don't know what to expect being the first baby, how about you? chat soon hopefully take care of yourself
aaww wow congrats smile where in the sth eastern suburbs are you? would be good to meet up with some fellow mothers and get out a bit more smile wow 3 year old twins? all boys or girls aswell? i'm so scared of giving birth lol sad speak soon hopefully
I am in Cranbourne West and my name is Bruna. I have one of each so a boy and a girl and we are having another boy.

I am more scared about doing all the new born stuff again with this bub than what I was with the twins.

Would love to chat more and meet up.


Yeah all is going really well so far, just really uncomfortable when trying to sleep so a lack of sleep some nights but other then that all is good... I cant believe there is only just over 7 weeks to go!

How is everything going with you? Are you all ready for bubs?
Hey Bruna,

nice to meet you, aaww that is so cute why are you more scared this time bout doing all the newborn stuff again? you will be okay, i'm not too sure where cranbourne is but probably about 30mins away, i'd be up for meeting and having coffee or something similar whatever you have in mind. smile would be nice to make some new friends that also have babies.
hey trace,

lol yeah i know the feeling gets very uncomfortable trying to sleep at times sad wow just over 7 weeks to go congrats i hope everything goes well for you, yeah i'm okay but a bit scared being the first baby lol got everything setup and bags packed for hospital only 4-5 weeks to go now not long at all, anyway have a great weekend and chat soon!

Hi Mel,

I know I have done it all with the twins but I didn't imagine for the life of me that we would be doing it all over again. This bub was a surprise and not planned but a GREAT surprise.

I am just nervous how the kids will be once bub is born. I am sure they will be ok. It's been over 3 years since we have done the newborn thing but I am sure all will be ok.

would love to catch up with you and Trace as well. I probably have about 5-7 weeks to go as well.


how are you? lol yeah these things tend to happen sometimes not being planned or ready for the new baby, my partner and i didn't plan our baby either she is the first for us smile, i'm sure your other kids will be okay with the new baby maybe a bit jealous at first though, how are you feeling during your pregnancy? i'm very up and down low iron so very sleepy, burning feeling in throat at times and sometimes can't even walk properly becuase it kills me sad so i think it maybe a good idea to hold off meeting just until our bubs are born if thats okay? i don't have far to go now anyway almost 37 weeks already i think bubz may come early though just from all the feelings etc i've been getting lol. anyway take care and speak to you and trace shortly hope you had a great weekend!
Hey There,

We had a hard weekend with the kids and me sick but all getting better. I am sure the kids will be ok when bub is born. This pregnancy has been harder than the twins as we have had problems with the pregnancy and still have a few things happening. I reckon bub will be early here as well about 35-36 weeks.

Trace hope you are going well.


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