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WHY? Lock Rss

i just want to ask, why in the world do people post massages about meeting other mothers, when they naver replie back.

defeats the whole propose doesnt it?

totally agree


Yep i agree ive been trying to make new friends for months and no-one is getting bac to me either....
well im new to this site and i havent planned any meets but im totally up for chats on msn or meeting anyone round my area i dont work im home practically 24/7 and in that time im on msn soo if anyone is up for a meet or even a chat on msn 24/7 then add me [email protected]
btw the names kylie im 21 and i have a daughter chloe who is 2 in november and we are bored outta our brains bout 80% of the day soo if anyone is ready n willing to entertain us ur welcome lol hope to be talkin n meeting u soon lol....

im the author of my life and i write it all in pen

soz forgot to put in my area that being narre warren south lol

im the author of my life and i write it all in pen

yes that bugs me too

yea it annoys the crap outta me too, cos they are normally the ones around my area lol

i hate it too everytime i try to meet up i end up getting ignored it happens all the time.
i have finally created my own mothers group with once assosiates and friends of assosiates who are now becoming great friends.
We are from Pakenham so if anyone is interested in joining in our gas bag session feel free to pm me.
There are currently 4 Mummies are aged between 22 and 30.
The kiddies are aged 7mths to 4yrs.

Ellen, Vic, Lexi 3 yrs and Emily 12 mths

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