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Wanted assistance in finding naturopath in Bayside area Lock Rss


I am 35 with a 16mth old little girl. Since her birth I have had a number of minor problems (e.g. skin allegies, colds, gastro). I think this continuous stream of complaints is because I am very rundown.

Western doctors haven't been much help and I think a Naturopath is the answer. I am looking for someone who focuses on women and women's issues. Any referalls would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards

Christina, Vic 15mth old girl

Hi Christina

I go to a fantastic chiropractor in Ormond - she owns the clinic which specialises in eastern medicines. They have lots of different types of massage and the naturopat their is apparantly fantastic. She is very "women" focused I did a yoga group through her which was great.

they are on north rd in ormond directly across from the maccas. Their ph number is 9578 4912. They are closed on sundays and tuesdays but if you call you can leave a message or just wait till tomorrow.

Give them a call as I'm sure Ingrid Borg (the naturopath) would be happy to have achat with you about anything before you have a session with her.

Anyway let me know how you get on.

Love Steph

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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