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Sunshine Hospital?? Rss

Sorry in advance if i have posted this in the wrong area... But im expecting baby #2 in June, and are booked in to the Sunshine Hospital.. and was wondering if any of you have had your babies there??
Currently im in red team, but will be switched to Blue team as i moved areas..

So far it seems ok, its just always so Busy!!

Jake 3rd December 2004, Jordan 10th June 2006

my best friend had both her babies there & she loved it!

lee,vic,DD born 22/06/05 & 3 teenagers 17,16 & 14

i had my second child at sunshine, and they were all fantastic there. My son needed to go to the special care nursery for 3 weeks and the staff there were fantastic. They answered my questions and were always open and honest.
The different teams is confusing but on the whole i found no dramas there


I had Thomas there last January & I couldn't find any fault with them. Thomas was transfered to the RCH a few hours after his birth & they let me go out through the day & see him. Then he was in Special Care for a week & they were great in there too. I was in the Red team. I'll definately have more babies there for sure.

Rebecca, Melb, son Thomas 18.01.05

Hi There,

I had my DD there in Aug 05, i started in the orange team but then needed to be induced as i was 13 days late and slipped through the cracks, as they had no room for me in the orange team to do my induction i was quickly transfered to the green team and my DD was delivered safely and without much fuss. The midwife who took over from the initial one was fantastic. I couldn't have asked for anyone better.

Good Luck

Hey there, i was a red team member at sunshine hospital, I thought they were absolutley fantastic, one of the midwives i had stayed 1 1/2 hours after her finish time just to see my baby being born because she was there when i first went in. Good luck!

Elizabeth, Alexis 7mths, Vic

wow, there are so many different stories about sunshine hospital, amazing how bad to how good they can be. Tough choice anyone deciding to have there baby there in the future.

Elizabeth, Alexis 7mths, Vic

Hi mizzsocial,

Please bear with me it's gonna be a long one.
I had DS#2 there in Feb this year, I was in Blue team. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone. I had frequent stays due to sparious labour from 28 weeks(stage between braxton hicks and first stage of labour) On one visit I was having a test done to see if i was going to go into labour, basically like a pap smear, thing was i had 2 doc and a midwife in the room and the 2 docs were arguing on how to do the test between my legs, very reassuring.
When i was 36 weeks my gp told me i would be inducded at 38weeks due to big bub and gest diab, I had a doc at one of my check ups refuse, telling me they wont do it till i was 10 days over, when i tried to tell him that gp said it would happen,he wouldn't listen and made me cry by telling me that it was all in my head. Then i saw another doc who was fantastic and induced me smile
Induction day came, pregnancy day stay were fantastic, all lovely girls, had the gel nothing happened i asked to be transferred to a ward as having bad gel contractions, and was having trouble coping. This is when i met the midwife whom would be my midwife for my labour, I had requested not to have her when they broke my waters the next day, i didn't feel that she was very nice......she proved me right.
I had requested pethadine, she did an internal and was only 3cm dialated, 15mins later i was screaming because i wanted to push. The midwife came in and told me "there is no need to scream at me through the walls, There are other people here and I'm busy!" I didn't find out until later that I went from 3cm to fully dialated in 15mins....No wonder i was screaming. I had a trainee midwife in with me, he was fantastic. I ended up putting in a formal complaint she was confronted and denied everything. AS for breastfeeding i told them from day one i was bottlefeeding and they didn't say a thing.
Don't get me wrong most of the midwives were great, but this nasty one put a real dampening on it for me. Next time round, going to werribee.
Good luck and I hope you have a better experience then i did.
I am booked in at Sunshine Hospital. I am due in July. I am not on any team but that might be because I am being treated as high risk which means I see a doctor every 4 weeks. I think that the doctors have been great. The only thing I don't like is the waiting times to see someone last time it was an hour and a half after my appointment time. I think you will hear good stories & horror stories about any hospital for instance I have my 1st child in a hospital in counrty NSW & long story short it didn't go well, my partner & I had no idea what was going on & no one would tell us, my baby was born 7 weeks early couldn't breathe & ended up being put into neonatal intensive care in Sydney. I lost so much blood I should have had a blood transfussion but I didn't & I was discharged from Hospital 8 hours after his birth. The hospital in Sydney couldn't believe what had happened. To top it all off my medical records of the Labor have vanished from the medical records dept of the hospital. But on the other hand my sister has had three babies in the same hospital & has had no trouble what so ever.

Katie,5 year old son & 20month old daughter

Hello there! I had my son in the Sunshine Hospital and I found it more than satisfying. Even though all the staff seem to be very busy most of the time, they were always friendly and would stop to answer any stupid question I came up with. Unfortunately I didn't have alot of support when i was pregnant, so I am more than willing to help anyone I can with my experiences of being a mum. Please feel free to email me at Congradulations and good luck!!

l have had 4 children and 3 of them where born at sunshine first was in 1993 when they just started the teen pregnancy group. My third was in 1998 and l delivered him in the examanation room. My forth was in 2003 and he was my c section and the midewives gave me my own room because l had other children.The staff where always so friendly to me and my other children.....they support me and any question or concerns l had. l was in the red team all 3 times there....l would go back there with my 5th child to be.My 2nd son was born in werribee mercy in 1995 when it had not long open.

heather,vic, 5 boys

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